M’sian woman who is wheelchair bound shares heartwarming tribute to her husband for taking care of her

When reciting wedding vows, there’s a part that says ‘for better or for worse’. While easier said than done, one husband and wife proved it to be true with their inspiring story.

M’sian woman who is wheelchair bound shares heartwarming tribute to her husband

Fatin thanks her husband for taking care of her in a heartfelt post. Source: Fatin (X)

After sustaining a traumatic injury, Fatin found herself temporarily robbed of her legs. “I fell from a construction site 12 meters down. Before the operation, the doctor told me I had a 10% chance of walking as my nerves might be severed,” Fatin writes in her X post.

Luckily enough, that was not the case. She would still be able to walk again although the answer of when was unclear. Despite her best efforts to remain strong, Fatin admits that it was hard in the beginning.

“Once I was discharged and went home, I burst into tears as I watched my husband and mom clean me up.” However, she did not let that get her down too much. Instead, Fatin was more determined to get better than ever.

Thankful for all the care and love she has received

Her husband takes care of Fatin’s needs from washing to grooming her. Source: Fatin (X)

Along with her tweet, Fatin shared a heartwarming video of her and her husband. In the clip, her husband can be seen gently washing her hair, sneaking in kisses on her forehead from time to time.

Fatin expresses her gratitude towards her husband for being there. “I am thankful that God has fated me to be with my husband, in spite of us being together for two months,” she says.

The sight of the two lovebirds has drawn the hearts of the public. Many gushed over how lucky Fatin is to have such a caring husband, and wished her a smooth recovery.

“Wishing you and your husband well.” Source: Fatin (X)
“Get well soon.” Source: Fatin (X).
“Speedy recovery to you.” Source: Fatin (X)

Talk about couple goals! We’re rooting for you Fatin!

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