M’sian woman clears dog’s carcass from street, praised by netizens

M’sian Woman Clears Dog’s Carcass From Street, Praised By Netizens

While we have seen many heartwarming stories, there’s another news that warms our hearts. Recently, a series of images of a woman in Terengganu removing a dog carcass from a road was shared online and garnered praise from netizens.

Kind woman removes a dog’s carcass 

On Jan 22, Facebook page Dunia Haiwan Malaysia posted images of a woman picking up a dog’s corpse while wearing gloves on the street of Chendering, Terengganu.

In a series of images, the woman is seen moving the carcass onto the side of the road before wrapping the remains in a large plastic bag and placing it on her car boot.

Brave woman in a pair of gloves removing a dog carcass in Chendering, Terengganu. Image credit: Dunia Haiwan Malaysia (Facebook)

She then drove off, presumably to bury the carcass at an appropriate location. 

Praised by netizens for her kindness

The images are going viral and being reshared by many Facebook pages, and many praised the noble act. 

“Bless this kind-hearted lady for her compassion in giving the dog a burial. Such acts of kindness deserve to be shared as an example of others,” said Animal Care founder Dr Chan Kah Yein. 

“1 in a million”, said a netizen praising her action. 

Homeless Paws of Manjung Strays coordinator Joanne Low said it was rare to see people removing animal carcasses from roads. 

For some unfortunate animals, they will be left for days before local council workers came to remove them. 

“To remove them and bury them or place them in a safer area is a form of respect to the poor animals that died,” Low added. 

It is heartwarming to know that the dog may have a proper burial and pass on peacefully. May God bless this kind-hearted woman, and thank you for inspiring us! 

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