60yo M’sian uncle buys flowers for his wife for the last time, says he isn’t feeling too well anymore

In a recent touching display, a Malaysian based florist has shared a story about her encounter with a 60-year-old uncle, wanting to buy flowers for his wife. According to her post, Dawn shared that she received a text from a man, wanting to purchase flowers from her.

60yo M’sian uncle buys flowers for his wife for the last time

After a couple of messages with the man, he was able to land on a design he liked. However, as they were about the proceed with the deal, the uncle asked her if he was able to pay it with cash.

“I rejected his request in wanting to pay by cash because we’ve encountered multiple scam cases”, she said.

Despite her rejection, the uncle was adamant and asked if she was able to make an exception. Dawn then mentioned that she is unable to accommodate to his request and urged him to try other stores that provides cash on delivery. Heading out for lunch with her husband, Dawn couldn’t help but think about the uncle, wondering if he was actually serious about purchasing flowers.

For illustration purposes only. Source: Canva
For illustration purposes only.
Source: Canva

She then received another call from the uncle, asking her if she could provide her stall details to him, so he could head over to her stall to pick up the flowers. After a brief discussion with her husband, Dawn decided to deliver the flowers herself, so the uncle didn’t have to travel to her stall.

“When I arrived at his place, a woman stood outside of the house welcoming us with a big smile on her face, but I didn’t see the uncle”, she mentioned.

As she walked into the house, she realised that the uncle has been going through health issues, causing him to not be able to walk normally. The uncle then slowly got up and expressed his gratitude towards her for accommodating to his request.

“I haven’t been feeling well and this will be my last time, gifting flowers to my wife”, said the uncle.

Dawn receiving a message from the uncle, thanking her for the flowers. Source: Dawn (Facebook)
Dawn receiving a message from the uncle, thanking her for the flowers.
Source: Dawn (Facebook)

Looking over at his wife, Dawn couldn’t help but feel touched as his wife still had a big grin on her face. Leaving the house and getting back into the car, she started bawling as the encounter she just witnessed was too touching. Ending her post she said,

“I’m so happy my husband was able to send me over and I managed to complete the order for the uncle. Please always appreciate those who are close to you, I think this is truly something I’ll never forget.”

Truly a touching story and we hope the uncle will be able to get well soon.

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