“Anything happens let my mom know,” M’sian touched seeing delivery rider display his mother’s contact number

During our childhood, our parents would have always looked out for us. One of the most common precaution steps would be listing down our mom or dad’s contact number.

M’sians touched seeing delivery rider display his mother’s contact number

A grab rider sporting his mother’s contact number on his delivery bag. Source: @mncuso__ (TikTok)

One day while on the road, TikTok user @mncuso__ managed to capture an unexpected sight. In the 13-second clip, the user was waiting at the traffic light when he spotted a delivery rider in front of him. While everything looked almost ordinary, there was something else different about this particular rider.

On the back of his delivery bag, there was some small handwriting. As the video zooms in, a phone number can be made out, and was labelled as ‘mother’. “Nice bro. Anything happens let your mom know,” the user wrote. “Riders need to be aware of these things, and put up their emergency contacts in case anything happens,” he told Wau Post.

The surprisingly heartwarming scene resonated with viewers, who wished the delivery rider safe travels always. Besides, netizens were also touched by the filial gesture, and began recounting their own relationships with their mothers.

“Mom is always number 1 in our hearts.” Source: @mncuso__ (TikTok)
“Praying for God to always protect this young man on the road.” Source: @mncuso__ (TikTok)
“Now I’m crying too.” Source: @mncuso__ (TikTok)

Indeed, our delivery riders often put their lives at risk when they are out carrying out our orders. We wish this rider a safe journey whenever he is out on his deliveries. 

Watch the video below:

@mncuso__ Saham besar akhirat bro. #grabfood #fypmalaysia ♬ atlantis – vinn

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