M’sian uses stacks of RM20 notes he saved up over a year to buy iPhone 13 Pro as a gift for his wife!

Source: Nick Hiew

Whether if you’re camp Android or camp Apple, we can all come to the agreement that flagship smartphones are not cheap. This is especially the case when we talk about iPhones, where prices for the 13 Pro and Pro Max models can reach upwards of RM7,599 in it’s top-tier guise. And while you can buy one on installment, one determined Malaysian decided that if he was going to buy a new iPhone, he was going to save up for it.

Saved up RM20 notes for over a year

Which is exactly what netizen Nick Hiew did when the iPhone 12 was released over a year ago. At the time, purchasing the phone would mean having to make a dent in his own personal savings in order to afford it. In speaking with Wau Post, he told us that instead of buying the iPhone with what he had saved up in the bank, he decided to start a separate savings initiative just for a new iPhone.

An iPhone 13 Pro next to a stack of RM20 notes.
Source: Nick Hiew

“When I go out shopping or to have a meal, I usually pay with RM50 or RM100 notes. I then made a habit of saving up unused RM20 notes that I received in change.”

“I also made a habit of saving up loose change as well, but I didn’t use that for the iPhone. After about a year, there was also about a few hundred Ringgit saved up there too.” he said.

Astoundingly over the course of just a year’s time, Mr Hiew managed to accrue enough by saving up RM20 notes to turn aspirations into a reality when he finally made the big splurge on 12th November 2021. Visiting a local retailer, he brought along with him stacks of bright yellow RM20 notes and neatly set them down on the counter to pay for a brand-new iPhone 13 Pro, which retails from RM4,899 for its base iteration.

“I eventually realised I had enough saved up to buy an iPhone 13 Pro. So I bought one for my wife as an anniversary present.”

Sharing his accomplishment over social media, he filmed a short video clip of the sales assistant dutifully counting each and every RM20 note, before arranging them into multiple individual stacks. Netizens are predictably impressed with Mr Hiew’s commitment to saving up for over a year, with many expressing similar intentions to do the same in hopes of being able to afford a new phone for themselves.

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