M’sian man proposes to GF with highway billboard & NFT gallery worth RM200K!

Source: Vivian Koon

Proposals are monumental occasions that are often celebrated with fanfare. And when it comes down to extravagance, almost no expense is spared to make the moment all the more memorable. Like custom jewellrey, fancy dinners, or even… a Non-Fungible Token aka NFT gallery.

The billboard proposal.
Source: Vivian Koon

While we may commonly associate proposals with diamonds and expensive dinners, one man decided to take things a notch higher with a proposal to his girlfriend that is truly worth remembering. 

The happy couple showing their billboard off.
Source: Vivian Koon
Shawn proposing to Vivian.
Source: Vivian Koon

Driving to a section of local highway in the Klang Valley, Mr Shawn Loong quite literally expressed his love for his girlfriend, Ms Vivian Koon, for the world to see by commissioning a billboard for their proposal!

According to a TikTok video Mr Loong filmed of his proposal, the billboard he had commissioned includes pieces of NFT artworks that he had purchased using a form of cryptocurrency known as Etherium. And one of the pieces is worth as much as $4,000 (RM16,613.20). 

But the surprises don’t stop there. The billboard also includes a QR code that when scanned, leads into a virtual gallery containing images of the happy couple inscribed with messages for Vivian. What makes the gallery extra special is that it’s actually linked to the entirety of his NFT wallet valued at $50,000 (RM207,675.00)! 

The happy couple then celebrated with a picnic among friends after their engagement in a picturesque park.

What are NFTs?

For those not in the know, NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens, are essentially unique, non-replaceable assets that represent real-world artifacts such as art, music, in-game objects and even videos, as explained by Forbes. They are most popularly seen within the Etherium cryptocurrency community, and are now considered to be an evolution of fine-art collecting. 

The NFT-craze has since caught on in the mainstream among artists and even music personalities such as eclectic pop-star Grimes, awho recently auctioned off a 50-second video clip of herself as an NFT token for $388,938.00 (RM1,619,865.00). 

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