M’sian tapir makes a surprise appearance in Singapore, believed to have swam its way there

Being next door neighbours, travelling between Malaysia and Singapore is a norm among citizens from both countries. But one tapir decided to make an impromptu trip, to the amusement of many netizens.

M’sian tapir makes a surprise appearance in Singapore

A Malaysian tapir was seen strolling on the side of a road in Singapore. Source: Singapore Wildlife Sightings (Facebook)

Imagine the surprise of Singaporeans when they spotted this unlikely sighting! In a Facebook group post, a Malaysian tapir was seen casually strolling along the roadside.

According to The Straits Times, the black and white creature was pictured by one of the group members, MC Wai. Kalai Vanan Balakrishnan, the Co-CEO of Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, told The Straits Times that the team had rushed to the location.

However, the tapir had returned into the sea by the time they arrived. “We hope that the tapir will find its way back or that it will be repatriated back if it’s caught,” Kalai said. This was not the first occurrence, with the most recent tapir spotting at Changi.

Malaysian tapirs, are a rarity in Malaysia and much less in Singapore, where they are virtually non-existent. Whatever it is, we sure do hope that this one finds its way safely back home. 

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