An endangered tapir & its baby were seen wading through heavy floodwaters in Pahang neighbourhood

Source: @changing_shade via Twitter

In the wake of the ongoing West Malaysian flood disaster, many who have been living in affected regions have found themselves displaced after their homes were completely inundated by floodwaters. Taking refuge in relief centres, some have even witnessed their very own homes being washed away by the torrid rapids. As of present, the BBC has reported that an estimated 51,000 people have already been evacuated as a result.

Endangered tapirs seen wandering through neighbourhood in floodwaters 

But it would now seem that human beings aren’t the only ones that have been badly affected by the unforeseen calamity, after video footage recently emerged over social media which showed two endangered tapirs wandering amid muddy floodwaters. Initially shared by Twitter user @changing_shade, the pair, which are believed to be an adult Malaysian tapir with its offspring, had somehow found themselves navigating between the streets of a suburban area.

“Pity these wild animals, even they have lost their homes [to the flood.” the netizen Tweeted.

Sauntering through along parked vehicles, the animals were clearly in unfamiliar territory and appeared to be aimless, not knowing where else they could turn to. Upon noticing that humans were present, both creatures immediately fled from the scene. It is highly likely that the animals, which are timid and reclusive by nature, may be under duress due to the circumstances that have led them being displaced from their natural homes.

Both an adult and baby tapir were seen wandering through floods in Pahang.
Source: @changing_shade via Twitter
Both an adult and baby tapir were seen wandering through floods in Pahang.
Source: @changing_shade via Twitter

According to the latest reports from Pahang’s Wildlife and National Parks Department (PERHILITAN), both animals were last seen reported around a hilly and heavily forested area of Bukit Rangin, Kuantan.

Both an adult and baby tapir were seen wandering through floods in Pahang.
Source: @changing_shade via Twitter

State department director Rozidan Md Yasin suggests that it is likely both animals had wandered into human settlements in search of food, according to NST.

Tapir numbers are on the decline

For those who are not in the know, the Malaysian tapir is considered to be an endangered species in the country and is protected under under the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010. Their numbers, which have dwindled drastically as a result of the loss of available habitats, are reportedly still on the decline according to Tapir Day.

As of 2021 according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are estimated to around 2,499 mature individuals still left alive in the wild dotted across Malaysia, Indonesia, and parts of Thailand.

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