M’sian warns others to be wary after 2 men almost entered her apartment by climbing into her balcony 

Phoebe sharing how 2 men almost broke into her house. Source: Phoebe Shafinaz (Instagram)
Phoebe sharing how 2 men almost broke into her house. Source: Phoebe Shafinaz (Instagram)

Home is where the heart is, as the saying goes. And for many of us, we expect our homes to be a palatial refuge of both safety and privacy. However, a Malaysian woman has urged other homeowners, even ones living in apartment buildings, to be careful after recently experiencing a harrowing ordeal while at home.

Local couple’s home nearly invaded by strangers who climbed into their balcony

Just yesterday (March 30), Phoebe shared on her Instagram that she was relaxing with her husband in their Cheras home at around 12.43am after a long day at work. Despite the lateness of the hour, the couple decided to hang about their living room.

But as they were winding down for the evening, her husband suddenly let out a scream after noticing how a man, measuring around 6-feet tall, stood in their balcony and was attempting to open their sliding door to break in!

Her husband immediately ran across the balcony to the sliding door and tried to ensure that the door was properly locked, preventing the man from gaining access. Phoebe claimed that while the man tried to force the sliding door open, another man climbed down to join his accomplice from the unit above her.

“My husband was so close to the man trying to come into our house that I had to run over to him and pull him away whilst calling the police”, she recalled.

Believed to be residents living in a unit above theirs

Following that, she sent a WhatsApp message to her condominium WhatsApp group and according to her building security, one of the men was caught while the other managed to run away.

“My husband and I acted quickly by screaming as loud as we could and informing the authorities”, she said.

Speaking to Wau Post, Phoebe shared that she was unsure if the men actually had the intention to hurt them, but she believes that they were running away from authorities as immigration officers arrived at her building shortly after the incident.

Phoebe's husband checking the window. Source: Phoebe Shafinaz (Facebook)
Phoebe’s husband checking the window.
Source: Phoebe Shafinaz (Instagram)

Phoebe suspects that the group of men who jumped into her balcony are the tenants living directly above her apartment, as she would always hear fights occurring. As a consequence of their frequent arguments, she said she was prompted to become more wary of her surroundings and made a habit of ensuring that the doors leading into her unit are well-locked.

Phoebe has urged the public, especially women living alone, to always be extra cautious and always have an action plan in place if they find themselves in a similar situation.

She adds that those living in apartments or condominiums should also invest in installing security grills for their balconies and windows as an added layer of precaution. As of now, the authorities are still investigating the matter.

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