M’sian robbery suspect leads police on 30km high speed chase from Banting to Klang, tries to escape in police vehicle

Image credit: Daily Express, The SunDaily

High speed car chases between criminals and local law enforcement authorities don’t happen all that often in Malaysia. If anything, most of us would probably have only known about them through movies or television shows filmed abroad.

But one indeed did take place recently in Klang, after police tracked down a criminal on the run.

Robbery suspect led police into high speed chase from Banting to Klang

Quoting South Klang district police chief Cha Hoong Fong, local news agency BERNAMA reports that a 31-year-old robbery suspect led local law enforcement authorities on a lengthy 30 kilometre chase from Banting to Klang in a Proton Inspira sedan.

During the time of the incident, he was seen recklessly driving near Kampung Pandamar Mosque and was unable to avoid oncoming traffic. Failing to slip between two cars that had slowed down to cross a speed bump, the suspect’s Inspira struck the bump before bouncing upward and sideways, crashing into both cars and skidded to a stop by the road.

Picture of Proton Inspira. (Pictures are for illustration purposes only)
Source: Aero777

With his car rendered out of commission, the suspect then abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot to a nearby village as members from the Selangor police headquarters’ Criminal Investigation Department (CID) pulled up in an unmarked Perodua Myvi behind him to give chase.

However, they did not expect for the suspect to then return to the parked car and steal it from them before speeding off. Despite police firing a few shots at him, he managed to escape from the scene, triggering a high-speed chase. Thankfully, the suspect’s joyride was cut short when he was apprehended along Jalan Kem in Port Klang later the same day.

Picture of speedbump. (Pictures are for illustration purposes only)
Source: Euro Auto Parts

Video footage of the incident was recorded and has since been widely shared across social media. Cha said that he only came to learn about what had transpired upon receiving a tip off from a man at around 7.00pm.

A team of officers dispatched from the South Klang district to the scene later spoke to CID members to understand the full scope of the incident.

The suspect was later detained in Port Klang after the high speed chase. Image credit: Daily Express
The suspect was later detained in Port Klang after the high speed chase. Image credit: Daily Express

Initial investigations into the suspect reveal that he has committed several drug related offences and criminal records prior to this. He has been handed over to the Subang Jaya police and will be probed under Section 395/397 of the Penal Code for robbery.

Separately, Cha also mentioned that the South Klang Police headquarters have also filed investigations papers under Section 307 for attempted murder.

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