M’sian left shocked after being charged RM10 for tiny portions of economy rice dishes

It has been apparent to Malaysians that there has been a price hike in many goods and food items. Materials that were normally staples have become much more costly to obtain, from raw chicken to cooking oil. Some even took advantage of the price hike to scam customers by mixing prayer oil with subsidised cooking oil and selling it at a higher price. The inflation subsequently raised prices in the food industry, therefore discouraging us from enjoying outside food that was once affordable.

‘Economy rice’ no longer economical

One of the many types of affordable food we enjoy is economy rice. A simple meal consists of rice and a number of dishes we picked from an array of choices. However, one netizen 那个某斌 took to XiaoHongShu to express his disbelief when he was charged RM10 unreasonably for his meal.

The seller charged netizen RM10 for this plate of rice. Image credits: 那个某斌 via XiaoHongShu

He posted a picture of his economy rice that included three kinds of meat and vegetables in small portions. Although meat is considered expensive in economy rice, the portion he took clearly did not add up to the price.

The netizen furthermore stated that he was shocked when he heard the charge for these tiny chunks of dishes.

“I could not believe my ears when I was paying for my meal. Never again will I visit this shop,” he wrote in the caption.

Comments show netizens were also appalled

The post has since then garnered over 150 comments, with many discussing how the seller came to that price. Some also expressed their dismay at how unaffordable the economy rice has become.

“This is so expensive! Maybe it’s time I open an economy rice stall myself.”

Source: 那个某斌 via XiaoHongShu

A few even claimed that the pricing for economy rice usually varies according to the seller.

“It’s basically charged according to the seller’s mood.”

Source: 那个某斌 via XiaoHongShu

“I never understand how they charge economy rice… it’s certainly a myth.”

Source: 那个某斌 via XiaoHongShu

“Better to eat at McDonald’s.”

Source: 那个某斌 via XiaoHongShu

However, one user has offered an alternative explanation, and claims that some economy rice sellers calculate their prices based on the number of dishes you take, as opposed to the portion size of each dish.

“Meat, RM5. Vegetables, RM3. Rice, RM1. It isn’t calculated based on how large each portion is, but how many types of dishes you have on your plate.”

Source: 那个某斌 via XiaoHongShu

The author of the post further clarified that he did not immediately rebut the price he paid for the meal as this was his first time dining at the restaurant. But he did mention that he will most likely not return to the restaurant again.

What do you think? Is the price reasonable or too expensive for the dishes chosen?

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