M’sian graduate sells goreng pisang by the road, says she’s proud even though she’s looked down upon

No matter the choice of occupation, one should never be judged based on their career. Just recently, a Malaysian graduate, Athirah has shared an inspiring story about her business journey, selling goreng pisang!

M’sian graduate sells goreng pisang by the road

In a TikTok video posted by Athirah, she shared her day in a life as a vendor, preparing all the ingredients needed. She was seen peeling the bananas, cutting them up, frying them as well as filling the cups with drinks.

Preparing the bananas so it can be fried. Source: Athirah (TikTok)
Preparing the bananas so it can be fried.
Source: Athirah (TikTok)

Speaking to Wau Post, Athirah shared that she had completed her tertiary education in UiTM. After working as an account executive for over 3 years, she decided to take a leap of faith and start a goreng pisang stall by the roadside. When asked what inspired her to start her own business, she mentioned that she has always taken a liking in business.

Other than that, she mentioned that a big part of motivation comes from her parents. As she recalls the past, Athirah mentioned that her dad runs a goreng pisang stall by the roadside as well.

“I see the way he works, and I know he is tired. Hence, I decided to start a second branch in order to help ease his burdens of running the stall”, she said.

Frying the bananas. Source: Athirah (TikTok)
Frying the bananas.
Source: Athirah (TikTok)

“Looked down upon but I’m proud of my own achievements”

Prior to starting her own business, Athirah shared that back when she was in college, she loved the idea of selling things and have tried going door-to-door selling spaghetti and sausages.

“Many have looked down upon me, some even think I’m doing this as my parents couldn’t afford my allowance. That’s not true”, she mentioned, emphasising that she really enjoys what she’s doing.

Letting it rest at the side. Source: Athirah (TikTok)
Letting it rest at the side.
Source: Athirah (TikTok)

Ending the interview, Athirah hopes that she’s able to inspire other people and reassure them that their occupation doesn’t define who they are.

“Life is not a race to see who is better than whom, whatever blessings you’re bound to receive is through the mercy of God”, she said.

All the best for your pisang goreng venture Athira!

For those who are interested in supporting here you can find her at:

Telok Panglima Garang

Waze: thegorengsbypakajis

Watch the video below:


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