M’sian food rider shares how customer collects their order with a contactless solution: by using a pail tied to a rope

Source: anasmansor99 via TikTok

Given how this will mark the world’s second year living with COVID-19, many of us no doubt are already familiar with the most important aspects of staying safe from the virus. Those include high standards of personal hygiene (which means sanitising your hands frequently), wearing a face-mask at all times, and of course, maintaining proper social distancing where possible.

A brand-new, inventive way of collecting food while maintaining social distancing

And on the note of social distancing, some Malaysians have come up with some pretty inventive ways to ensure that both they and those around them are safe from COVID-19 transmission. Take for example, this inventive new way that FoodPanda delivery rider Mr Anas Mansor, also known as anasmansor99 on TikTok, had encountered while on the clock.

If you’ve been ordering your food from various delivery apps, you will no doubt have stumbled across options for contactless delivery. This would mean that your abang or akak delivery can simply leave your food by your door, and you can collect it after on your own. But instead of doing that, Mr Anas’ customer took things a step further.

Telling him ahead of time that they lived on the top floor of an apartment building, the customer adds that they will not be coming down to collect their order from Mr Anas in person.

“I even offered to go up to their floor, but they wouldn’t let me,” he said.

Using a pail tied to a rope!

Maybe the building had a designated drop-off point for food deliveries, right? Well as it turns out, not really. Instead of a designated drop-off point for food deliveries, the customer decided that in order to maintain social distancing and collect their food at the same time, they would dangle a bright-red pail from a length of rope, before lowering it down to the ground floor so that Mr Anas could place their food in! How brilliant is that!

Filming the entire process, Mr Anas shows how the pail was lowered from what appears to be the third flood of the apartment on a precarious length of rope, before being raised right back up again once the food has been collected.

The video, which has since gone viral across social media, left many netizens amused.

“Now this is funny!”

Source: TikTok

“If we make life easy for others, others will make life easy for us.”

Source: TikTok

“How nice of her!”

Source: TikTok

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