WATCH: Convoy of delivery riders strap essential goods on their bikes & travel overnight to Hulu Langat to distribute aid

Source: @rabkairahas via Twitter

In times of crisis, the saying that #rakyatjagarakyat has never been proven to be more true. Whether if its Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya’s massive food aid program that has brought together hundreds of Malaysians, or one Malaysian entrepreneur using his one-of-a-kind, RM4 million Brabus G700 6-wheeler truck to help rescue flood victims from their waterlogged homes, there has simply never been a better time to be proud of being Malaysian.

Food delivery riders ride in a convoy of bikes to deliver emergency supplies to Hulu Langat

And quite clearly, the spirit of helping out our fellow countrymen is a universal sentiment shared by all who live in the country, with our fellow abang and akak delivery going so far as to travel to flood-hit areas of the country to not only deliver food, but much-needed aid to those who have been affected by the devastation of last weekend’s floods.

In a video that was recently shared by @rabkairahas, a convoy of food delivery riders from various local companies have decided to come together for the sake of a truly inspiring cause. Riding along a street in a seemingly lengthy trail of motorcycles, each rider could be seen carrying a large load of essential items strapped to the back of their seats as they made their way to the flood-hit region of Hulu Langat in Selangor.

“Allahuakbar! Riders from Grab, FoodPanda, Shopee Food, Lalamove, are willing to leave their jobs aside for the sake of helping NGOs deliver food and other essential items to flood victims living in Hulu Langat. They rode from morning to night. They may not be receiving any salary, but they will receive 100% in blessings.

Today, they will be heading to the indigenous’ people’s settlement.” he captioned in his Tweet.

Indeed, despite the fact that they won’t be paid for their efforts, the delivery riders had no qualms in taking time out of their day to ensure that those who have been badly affected by the floods will receive the help they need, even if it meant having to travel long distances to do so.

Netizens share their support

Netizen @hafiz_abqarii, also known as Hafiz, who appears to be involved in the effort, has also shared photos from the delivery efforts, with multiple riders attempting to scale over muddy terrain carrying bulging plastic bags filled to the brim with essential goods.

The video, which has since been retweeted over 19,100 times over Twitter, has been warmly received by netizens, many whom applauded the riders for their effort.

“I didn’t realise that there are still so many kind-hearted Malaysians. And they do all this despite the fact that they themselves may be struggling to find a source of income too.” 

Netizens applaud the delivery riders for their commitment and effort.
Source: Twitter

“May all things go smoothly for those who are tirelessly assisting with the flood victims, and may they also be blessed. Amin.” 

Netizens applaud the delivery riders for their commitment and effort.
Source: Twitter

“If this is the reason why some of our Grab, FoodPanda service is slower than usual, please don’t fault them. Only Allah SWT can repay their kindness. May Allah SWT always protect them. Amin.” 

Netizens applaud the delivery riders for their commitment and effort.
Source: Twitter

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