11y/o M’sian wins award for her sustainable invention, receives praise from US talk show host James Corden

Maryam Muzamir

A true Malaysian spirit lies in sharing a similar sense of pride in our country’s achievements. It is without a doubt that there are many talented Malaysians out there who are making a name for our country. The same goes for this 11-year-old girl from Kuantan, Maryam Muzamir who recently received a shoutout from US talk show host, James Corden.

11-year-old Maryam Muzamir is making international headlines

If you’re asking who is Maryam Muzamir, let us help you out. Maryam, 11 is from Kuantan and she has recently made it into the news for her astounding achievements. She created a sustainable form of livestock feed out of ground shrimp and sea snail shells whereby she names it ‘YAM 2.0’.

Maryam Muzamir
Photo: SinarHarian

For this invention, Maryam has bagged several international awards. They are the Gold Medal, Canadian Special Award, and Best Young Inventor Award at iCAN 2021. As for her inspiration, Maryam said that it is Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg.

Maryam Muzamir
Photo: UtusanMalaysia
Maryam Muzamir
Photo: NewStraitsTimes

Aside from taking home these prestigious awards, Maryam’s name was recently mentioned on The Late Late Show with James Corden. He praised Maryam for her achievements and reiterated that she is only 11 years old.

Maryam Muzamir

True, because Maryam’s achievements at such as young age is really making us think about our achievements when we were 11.

The short clip was posted on Twitter and it has garnered 20,000 retweets with over 800,000 views. Additionally, our Prime Minister also congratulated Maryam for her achievements.

You’ve made Malaysia proud, Maryam!

Way to go, Maryam, you really showed the world that #MalaysiaBoleh!

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