Kuching businessman struck on the head with brick repeatedly during robbery, suffers from concussion

Indonesian man caught attacking businessman in Kuching before robbing him and fled. Source: Sin Chew Daily, China Press

One of the difficult truths that we’ve all had to come to terms with is that we can fall victim to incidents of crime whenever and wherever we may happen to be. Which is why it is always crucial to ensure that you remain vigilant at all times when out in public to prevent such instances from happening.

Unfortunately for a man in Kuching, he became the target for thieves while heading to the bathroom, and almost lost in his life in the process of being robbed.

Kuching businessman suffers from concussion after being hit in the head and robbed

Just yesterday (March 27), local newspaper Sin Chew Daily reported that a businessman from Kuching has suffered from a concussion after being robbed. It was said that the man was visiting a nearby wet market and walked over to the food court to use the public restroom. As he walked over to the food court alone, he was suddenly attacked by a man.

The culprit proceeded to use a brick to hit the businessman in the head multiple times, before stealing all his belongings and fleeing the scene. It wouldn’t be until later on when some of his close friends went looking for him did they discover the victim laying on the ground unconscious, with his head bleeding from a wound.

“I was getting suspicious that he wasn’t back from the toilet after so long and decided to check it out, I then found him lying on the ground unconscious”, said his friend.

Kuching businessman gets attacked and robbed. Source: Sin Chew Daily
Kuching businessman gets attacked and robbed.
Source: Sin Chew Daily

Thankfully, a CCTV was installed near the toilet, and it captured the moments where the businessman was robbed and attacked. Members of the public who watched the CCTV footage were able to identify that the assailant was actually an Indonesian man who was working as a construction worker around the area awhile back.

The businessman was then sent to the hospital and unfortunately suffered a concussion from the attack, but has since been admitted for further medical treatment and observation. As of now, local authorities are in the process of probing the case but have yet to issue a statement on it.

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