Did you know KFC Malaysia recently stopped serving coleslaw with their meals in these 3 states? Here’s why!

Source: Lively Cooking via YouTube, KL Foodie

Talk about a quick and reliable restaurant for fried chicken and by default, many Malaysians will point you in the direction of American fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), also known fondly among locals as Kepchi. Founded by none other than Colonel Harland David Sanders and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky in America, the chain is most well known for its ‘Original Recipe’ comprising of 11 herbs and spices.

KFC Malaysia stopped serving coleslaw in these 3 states?

But for the complete KFC meal experience, every serving of its signature chicken comes complete with a side of whipped potatoes in gravy, a warm bun and of course, a single-serving of coleslaw. And while that may be what we’ve come to expect here in Malaysia as well, some diners in Sarawak were shocked when their KFC meals were served with one crucial part missing: coleslaw.

Made with diced cabbage and carrots before being served in a salad dressing, certain KFC outlets have reportedly omitted this staple when serving their meals, leading to many raised eyebrows across social media.

Logistical issues led to temporary suspension of sales

Well as it turns out, KFC Malaysia has since responded to queries regarding the lack of coleslaw in their meals from certain outlets. According to a Tweet issued by the company, KFC Malaysia has decided not to offer coleslaw as a side in certain outlets located in East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), as well as in Langkawi due to logistical limitations.

Concerned that they may not be able to offer the same consistent level of quality across all their restaurants as a result of delivery delays to these outlets, they have since decided to suspend the serving of coleslaw for the time being.

Source: KL Foodie

According to local Chinese paper Sin Chew Daily, a number of other KFC outlets in the Klang Valley have also experienced similar disruptions in the supply of coleslaw. It is understood that the temporary halt of sales for coleslaw will last for about two weeks. Wau Post has also reached out to KFC Malaysia over the matter and are currently awaiting a response.

Some netizens have since taken to social media to express their amusement over the coleslaw shortage.

“Try looking for stock in Ranau or Kundasang. There are lots of folks planting cabbage there.”

Netizens expressing their amusement over the coleslaw shortage.
Source: Twitter

“And here I thought the coleslaw was prepared in-house from the outlets, and yet they actually send the stock in from the Peninsula. KFC, that’s weak!”

Netizens expressing their amusement over the coleslaw shortage.
Source: Twitter

“Can I submit my tender to supply fresh coleslaw to all of the KFC outlets in Sabah?”

Netizens expressing their amusement over the coleslaw shortage.
Source: Twitter

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