“What in the Final Destination!” Commuters shocked to find rubber handrail detached from escalator at MRT Muzium Negara

Image credit: zulfadhlizahir

Since taking office as Transport Minister, YB Anthony Loke has made it a point to conduct a thorough audit of the local public train systems, including that of the LRT, MRT, and KTM, after complaints of poor service quality have often been raised by commuters. And this has been extended to station facilities as well, such as broken down escalators, elevators, and even light fixtures.

Rubber handrail on MRT escalator comes loose while in operation

Even in spite of that, some commuters yesterday on the Muzium Negara MRT line were in for a shock when they discovered that the rubber handrail on one of the escalators had come loose and partially detached from the unit.

As indicated by a video filmed by Twitter user @zulfadhlizahir, the handrail remained hanging precariously in the air while attached to the moving escalator, as concerned bystanders looked on with dread.

Some have even gone so far as to remark that it looked like something straight out of the classic Hollywood horror flick, Final Destination.

On the other hand, some netizens have also quipped that while the MRT stations are relatively new and were launched in 2017, their facilities appear to work like something that was introduced back in 1917.

Swift action taken by RapidKL to remedy the issue

Thankfully however, it would seem that RapidKL has taken note of the escalator malfunction and has swiftly sent in a team to address the matter.

In a response to Zahir’s Tweet, they explained that the handrail has since been repaired at 1.00pm on the very same day he reported it on Twitter, and issued an unreserved apology over the inconvenience it caused.

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