WATCH: Malay & Chinese aunties converse fluently in Tamil, shows the true meaning of M’sian unity

Source: @ainaafiqah72

The thing about living in a melting-pot of cultures and shared histories is that many of us tend to assimilate a variety of different cultural practices and languages. Being bilingual is simply a fact of life for many Malaysians. And yet, we never cease to be amazed by the linguistic abilities that some of our own countrymen possess in speaking not just two, but oftentimes all three languages most commonly spoken in Malaysia! Just like how these two aunties manage to converse in Tamil.

Malay and Chinese aunties both converse in Tamil

In a recent video uploaded by TikTok user @ainaafiqah72, also known as Aina Afiqah, she shares a serendipitously heartwarming moment when she and her own mother encountered another group of Malaysian tourists at a Turkish airport.

Despite being Malay herself and the other group being Chinese, both managed to strike up a quick conversation that has since gone absolutely viral across the Malaysian social media space. While one may assume that language could have stood in the way of them communicating, it turns out that both Aina’s mother and one of the Chinese women from the group could speak Tamil!

Gesturing excitedly between one another, both exchanged a quick chat, with Aina looking proudly over a moment that truly showcases unity among Malaysians that goes even beyond our own borders.

The topic of conversation: food!

But what exactly were they both discussing, you ask? Well in a follow-up video that was uploaded by Aina, her mum explains that, naturally, as Malaysians, both she and the Chinese woman had been discussing about food! More specifically, her new-found friend had been complaining about not enjoying hummus with bread, which is a staple served at many Turkish meal tables.

She also spoke about how she looked forward to returning to Malaysia to cook for her own children.

The video, which has garnered over 78,200 reactions, had netizens feeling the patriotic spirit, with many stating that this is a true example of unit that exists among all Malaysians living in the country.

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