Taiping man damages car belonging to driver who allegedly killed his dog & assaulted his father

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As the saying would go, you should never take the law into your own hands. In the event of a crime having taken place, it is always advisable to contact the proper authorities and allow the judicial system to run its course. However, this didn’t turn out to be the case after an altercation between a number of individuals in Taiping exploded into violence recently.

Man damages car with pole after driver allegedly killed his dog & assaulted his father

In a series of video clips that have been widely shared across social media, it was alleged that the driver of a grey Mazda 3 sedan had ran over the pet dog belonging to an elderly man at a residential neighbourhood in the town of Taiping recently. Unfortunately as a result of the incident, the pet dog suffered severe injuries and appears to have bled a considerable amount before dying.

The man damaging the car that knocked over his father and ran over their pet dog.
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The owner of the car was also said to have assaulted the elderly man after the accident, according to netizens.

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According to local Chinese daily China Press, it was said that the elderly man’s son was eventually contacted and arrived at the scene of the accident. However, the disagreement spiraled out of control and led to a loud argument between the occupants of the car and the elderly man’s son, which eventually led to a fight that broke out between parties.

Investigations are being made into the matter by police

Armed with a pole, the son of the elderly man threatened to beat up the driver of the Mazda after refusing to negotiate any further with the other party. He then turned his attention to the car before shattering its rear windshield.

The pet dog that was ran over and killed by the car.
Source: Inforoadblock via FB

A woman could be heard in the video, claiming that the man had overreacted as his elderly father had agreed to open the matter up for discussion.

“All this over a dead dog! His father said that he was willing to discuss this matter with us, but when his son drove his motorbike over, he immediately wanted to beat people up!” she said.

Local police have since been alerted and investigations are now being made into the matter. Harian Metro reports that Taping Chief of Police Assistant Commissioner Osman Mamat said the matter will be investigated under Section 427 and 323 of the Penal Code.

A 29-year-old and 44-year-old man have both been called in to assist in investigations yesterday (27th January 2022). The true motivations behind the altercation are still being probed.

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