Poisoned stray dog that nearly died is saved by quick-thinking M’sian who nursed it back to health

Kindness and empathy are virtues that can truly, in some cases, save a life. Whether if it’s in helping an elderly person cross a busy street, or buying a starving beggar a meal, sincere gestures of goodwill can in fact, change a person’s day. Or in the case of stray dogs and cats that do not have the luxury of a safe abode, their very lives.

Poisoned stray dog saved by kind Malaysian

Grave as that may sound, this was most definitely proven to be true when a stray dog that appeared to be suffering from the ill-effects of being poisoned, fortuitously stumbled upon a kind Malaysian netizen. According to Apih McQuinn, he stumbled upon the poor animal by chance after finding that it had collapsed on its side outside his home. 

Convulsing from the effects of the poison it had consumed, the dog appeared to be in a great amount of suffering and could have very well been on the brink of death. Finding himself unable to turn away the suffering creature despite the late hour and heavy downpour, Apih took it upon himself to bring the dog into shelter and tried what he could to save its life.

“It may be a dog, but it is still a creation of Allah SWT.”

“It isn’t my dog, I do not know who it belongs to as it may have escaped. It came to me looking for help, likely as it was poisoned, so I tried all I could to save it despite not having any veterinary training.” he wrote in his post.

Provided it shelter and nursed it back to health

Moving swiftly, he proceeded to pluck two coconuts from a nearby tress with help from a friend and cracked them open before feeding the dog it’s contents, in hopes that the coconut water will help dilute the poison in the dog’s system. Against all odds with Apih’s quick thinking, the dog went from a wide-eyed state of shock to eventually regaining control of its body.

His post has since earned the praise of netizens across Malaysia, many who commended him for going above and beyond to help save the life of an otherwise helpless dog that would have died from its condition.

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