M’sian Grab driver uses own money to feed stray animals, makes sure they don’t go hungry

Source: mStar, @naika_mika

Let’s admit it: we spoil our domesticated furkids at every chance we get. From keeping them well fed to keeping them warm with blankets and pet beds, no expense is spared to ensure that our furry friends live in a life of untroubled comfort. But there are stray animals who don’t get to enjoy the same luxuries as our pets do, and are often reliant on the kindness of strangers to get by.

Grab driver makes sure stray animals don’t go hungry

Zuria feeding a stray cat..
Source: @naika_mika

Thankfully for these strays, kind-hearted TikTok user @naika_mika also known as Zuria Farhana Mohamad, strives to make sure that every stray animal she encounters, whether it be a kitty or a doggo down on its luck, doesn’t leave without a full tummy. In her series of now viral videos, she shows how often she would stop her car alongside road shoulders in order to help feed any stray animals that she may encounter on her journeys.

Zuria feeding stray dogs from her car.
Source: mStar
Zuria feeding the dogs.
Source: mStar

In speaking with mStar, the Master’s of Mathematics Education candidate at UPSI, says that she meets most of these animals during her time working as a part-time Grab driver.

“Wherever I go, if I meet a stray animal I’ll be sure to feed them. I typically feed dogs, cats, birds and fishes.” she said.

Zuria leaving food for stray dogs.
Source: @naika_mika
Stray dogs enjoying the food given by Zuria.
Source: @naika_mika

Her habit of feeding strays started during her time studying on campus in UPSI in 2018, where she had started feeding stray cats around the area out of habit. Over time, she gradually started feeding all kinds of other animals too.

She gradually became less afraid of approaching stray dogs

While she was initially apprehensive to approach stray dogs, Zuria says that she became less afraid of approaching them as time went on. Regardless of which, she keeps a careful distance while feeding them.

An excited stray dog meeting Zuria.
Source: @naika_mika
Stray dog enjoying food prepared by Zuria.
Source: @naika_mika

“For those who may want to try feeding stray dogs, don’t be afraid. I myself used to just leave the food aside and watch them eat from afar. But as time went on and the dogs began to recognise me, they will behave automatically.” she adds.


Reply to @amirhaikalll nampak mcm byk kan makanan tu. makan seekor sekejap je ni licin. dog makan 3/4kali ganda lagi byk dari meow☺️

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“While we Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs, there’s nothing wrong with feeding them.”

Despite the fact that she has to pay for all the consumables out of her own pocket, Zuria doesn’t seem to mind as she finds a sense of fulfillment in being able to ensure that the strays have a full meal.


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She hopes that many more will be inspired to take up the challenge of feeding stray animals from her videos, and vows to continue her work in helping them in any way that she can.

“People are typically afraid to feed stray dogs and will only feed stray cats. I’m always glad to hear from my viewers that they too have now begun feeding stray dogs after watching my videos.”

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