Here we go again! Two maskless Karens spotted in KLCC, sparking double-standard debate

Source: @AdibahOj

Update: Dang Wangi police are now opening an investigation into the women who were seen not wearing a mask at KLCC park, in response to the original Tweet. According to Dang Wangi District Police Chief, ACP Noor Dellhan Bin Yahaya, the women will be investigated under Section 21A Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342) and Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures Within The Infected Local Areas) (National Recovery Plan) 2021.

Many of us are probably familiar with the ‘Karen’ pejorative, no thanks to social media. We’ve seen countless videos online of women, typically described of as entitled and obnoxious, who try to strongarm their way against the law or kick up a fuss to have things their way. But what many Malaysians didn’t come to expect is to see Karens out in the wild here in our very own backyard.

Two maskless Karens spotted in KLCC

After the debacle with ‘Karen Dior’, we may now be confronted with yet another case of maskless Karens, after two women were allegedly caught without their masks on in KLCC’s recreational park. Yes, it happened at KLCC, yet again. The images were snapped by local netizen @AdibahOj, who took to Twitter to share her frustrations over their apparent refusal to abide by the mask mandate here in Malaysia.

“So only Karens don’t need to wear a mask? Wow! I’m so angry because I am local and follow the rules but this m*fo can simply walk without mask? This is too much! Is the KLCC area a popular spot for Karens not to wear their masks? Where is the law? Shouldn’t I be mad?” she Tweeted.

Double-standards for expats?

Both women appear to be expats, and seem oblivious to the fact that masks are now a requirement when going out and about in public spaces. But what made the situation all the more frustrating was the fact that the netizen points out how security guards in the park had allegedly instructed her to put her mask back on, after she had removed it momentarily to take a photo with her child near the KLCC water feature.

And despite that, she points out that both expats were seen leisurely strolling about, completely maskless, without a care in the world. The series of Tweets, which has since gone viral, have left many netizens angered over the apparent double-standards when it comes to the enforcement of the mask mandate.

Netizen reactions to the maskless Karens.
Source: Twitter

“There are photos of these Karens not wearing masks again and again. Are you just going to remain silent on the matter? If these were locals, action would have been taken immediately. We will wait for when you want to take appropriate action.”

Netizen reactions to the maskless Karens.
Source: Twitter

“The KLCC area has plenty of expats that don’t wear their masks around the public area. It’s filled with Karens and Kevins.”

Netizen reactions to the maskless Karens.
Source: Twitter

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