M’sians angered after video shows VIP convoy blocking the path of ambulance with sirens on in flood-hit area

Source: @syzwnrrose via Twitter

For those who have been driving in Malaysia for long enough, you will no doubt be familiar with the sight of a VIP convoy occupying the highway, flanked by a number of police vehicles. Oftentimes ferrying the powers that be in government between one meeting and the next, most know well enough to give way when prompted to. But over the years, the necessity of these massive convoys have been questioned by Malaysians.

Ambulance with sirens waited in line as VIP convoy drove past

And this was most definitely the case when one of these convoys happened to appear in a flood-stricken part of West Malaysia. Just recently, Twitter netizen @syzwnrrose also known as Mr Syazwan Shah, had uploaded a video clip which showed a motorcade traveling along a stretch of road in Hulu Langat. For those who are not aware, the Hulu Langat district was among one of the worst hit areas during last weekend’s floods, leading to the displacement of many local residents.

But what raised the most eyebrows was the fact that as the motor convoy was driving past, an ambulance could be seen with its sirens ringing from a street turning into the roadway. In most cases, strict protocols govern the use of both ambulance lights and sirens, both of which are usually deployed only in cases of life-threatening situations that require a patient to be transported quickly to the nearest hospital.

Despite that, the ambulance had no choice but to wait in line behind another 4X4 truck displaying the Red Crescent Society logo while the VIP convoy passed through before them. A policeman could also be seen directing traffic up front.

In speaking with Wau Post, Syazwan mentions that the video was initially taken at Simpang Masjid Pekan Batu 14, Hulu Langat around 11.00am yesterday (26th December 2021). From observation, the presence of VIPs appears to have disrupted the aid process as multiple roads had to be closed off to allow VIP convoys to drive through.

“I was informed by the local people that during the VIP’s arrival, the roads are closed for them. This has caused a congested traffic and causing delay for assistance to arrive. Very unnecessary.” he adds.

Netizens expressed their disapproval 

For the duration of the clip, at least 17 vehicles could be seen driving past as part of the convoy while the ambulance’s sirens blared in the background.

“Lives can wait, VIPs need to move first,” he Tweeted.

As one can imagine, the video has earned the ire of Malaysians across Twitter, with Syazwan’s Tweet having been Retweeted over 33,600 times as of writing. Many have questioned why the VIP convoy was allowed to take precedence over an ambulance responding to an emergency.

“Explain, Royal Police of Malaysia.” 

Source: Twitter

“Isn’t Malaysia ashamed of seeing this?”

Source: Twitter

“So during the next General Elections, don’t vote for people like this. We’ll vote for new people instead, don’t let the same people hold on to their positions. If possible, call for a strike to get all ministers to resign.”

Source: Twitter

Even Muar MP and MUDA founder YB Syed Saddiq has chimed in on the issue.

“Since when has rank been more important than lives? Saddening.” 

Source: Twitter

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