M’sian man who smacked a woman on her forehead gets reprimanded and jailed for 7 days

29-year-old man gets sentenced to 7 days of prison for smacking a woman in her forehead. Source: BERNAMA

Just over few days ago, a Malaysian man was caught on camera smacking a woman on her forehead. In the video that was circulated online, the man was seen getting out of his car approaching a woman who’s seated in her car. He then proceeded to intimidate her, saying that he would break her face.

M’sian man who smacked a woman on her forehead jailed for 7 days

As the video makes its wave on social media, the man was quick to defend his actions, saying that the woman was trying to overtake his car but there was a car in front of him. He mentioned that if the woman had overtaken him, it would lead them into a fatal accident, causing him to lose his temper.

Man seen smacking a woman's forehead. Source: Twitter
Man seen smacking a woman’s forehead.
Source: Twitter

“I was mad because my 8-month pregnant wife and 2-year-old kid was in the car”, he said.

Following his case, the man named Zaim was reprimanded and brought to court today (June 9). According to local newspaper Sin Chew Daily, the 29-year-old man faced 2 charges from Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation, and Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

29-year-old man gets jailed for 7 days. Source: BERNAMA
29-year-old man gets jailed for 7 days.

During mitigation, the 29-year-old factory supervisor who earns a mere RM4,000 salary pled for a light punishment as he needs to take care of his pregnant wife and young kid. Deputy Public Prosecutor Geetha Jora Singh asked for the court to impose a hefty punishment as it would serve as a reminder to others who commit the same offence.

Prior to sentencing, Magistrate Siti Hanum Mohmad Sah said that every action has got its consequences and probed for locals to always think of their families first before making any actions. Following that, Zaim was sentenced by court to serve 7 days in prison, with the sentence beginning today.

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