M’sian livestreamers allegedly shame food delivery riders, says their jobs have ‘no future’

Source: China Press

For most of us who live in the 21st century and have access to a smartphone, we undoubtedly have at some point, ordered from a food delivery service. And as a consequence, the men and women who toil for long hours on end to deliver our food have become an integral part of urban living. This is especially the case during the lockdown period, when many of us were dependent on food delivery riders to bring hot meals to our very doorstep.

Food delivery riders have no future?

And despite the fact that they now form the cornerstone of modern-day convenience, some continue to harbour a stigma against these hard-working men and women, including a local livestreaming duo who recently took to expressing their disapproval over social media.

The duo conducting a livestream.
Source: China Press

According to China Press, a pair of local entrepreneurs who both hosted a recent livestream together, recently caught the ire of netizens after making a flippant and disparaging remark about food delivery riders.

During the livestream, they were accused of having belittled young men and women who decide to join the gig economy as food delivery riders, saying that these menial jobs had no potential future prospects. One of the two, who works in real estate, adds that working as a real estate agent promised much better financial security, before listing off examples of young men and women who have allegedly achieved financial independence as a result of joining the real estate game.

He goes on to draw comparisons with food delivery riders, who despite their hard work, are still merely riding on motorcycles while real estate success stories can already afford luxury apartments of their own. This is before a clip surfaced of him showing off what he claims is a RM100,000 watch that he had bought previously, which is now apparently worth over RM200,000.

The female host on the other hand, appears to mock food delivery riders, saying that they are simply working under the thumb of people who aren’t even that wealthy to begin with. “How rich can the people who order takeaway food be?” she asks, before pointing out that there are better career prospects available.

“Learn how to sell expensive things to wealthy people. If you know how to negotiate with the wealthy, then your fate will be changed.”

“This is because you are able to sell goods worth a few hundred thousand Ringgit. You’re not selling fish, aiyo. You’re selling something worth a few hundred thousand Ringgit. So your circumstances will be different.” she adds.

Apologies have been issued

In a separate video, the female host goes on to clarify her original remarks, explaining that what she had originally meant was that young men and women should consider occupations that promise better career prospects early on in their lives, and only resort to food delivery jobs as a last resort.

She adds that jobs in food delivery should be left to those who are older, but still wish to remain active and productive instead. She has apologised for causing any offense with her words, and says she did not intend to shame or look-down on anyone.

The male host has also issued a public apology over his remarks, saying that he is unreservedly sorry for causing offense with his words. He has explained that he too, came from humble beginnings and understood the value and importance of hard-work.

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