WATCH: M’sian parents encourage child to respect & treat garbage collectors with kindness

Source: @denik923 via TikTok

While most of us are familiar with white-collar jobs stationed in offices, there exist a broader range of occupations that are more dangerous and are often stigmatised by society. These jobs, often dirty, dangerous and difficult, have come to be categorised under the banner of 3D occupations. Among them include garbage collectors, street cleaners, and construction labourers.

Little boy gifts packed drinks to garbage collectors who pass by his home

But stigma only happens as a result of how we are inculcated, and it is by this virtue that a pair of Malaysian parents have decided to break the chain by teaching their child to not only be kind, but to also respect those who undertake these 3D jobs as their means of occupation.

Just recently, TikTok user @denik923 took to sharing a tender moment between a child and a garbage man who had stopped to help collect the day’s trash from the family’s neighbourhood.

The short clip shows what appears to be the mother of the young child encouraging him to interact with the sanitation worker, who had knelt down as the toddler waddled towards him with a boxed beverage in hand. With some cajoling from his family members, he adorably offers it out to him, without any indication of fear or revulsion.

“Give it to the uncle,” the woman could be heard saying as he approached the man.

Netizens heap on the praise

As the clip ends, the little child even waved goodbye at the sanitation worker as he got up to leave! How cute is that!

The video, which has since garnered over 11,900 reactions among netizens alike, have earned much praise for the parents of the child. Many commended them for teaching the little boy the importance of extending the values of kindness, generosity and respect to all members of society, and how a little act of kindness can truly change a person’s day.

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