M’sian appeals for netizens to help woman seen carrying her own baby while out delivering food to earn a living

Source: @zanethnasha via TikTok

For parents, no lengths are ever too great to cross for the sake of being able to provide for their own children. While growing up, many of us can think of instances when our own fathers or mothers have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have a roof over our heads and food on the table. And this continues to be true in the case of a woman who was seen working tirelessly as a food delivery rider to help provide for her child.

Woman seen carrying her own baby while making food deliveries to earn a living 

In a video shared by TikTok user @zanethnasha, she explains how she encountered a female food delivery rider while filling up her car at a petrol station in Bangsar. At the time, her husband had been manning the pump while she was waiting inside the car with her children.

While it may not be much of a surprise to run into your fellow abang or akak rider when out and about town, what left @zanethnasha overwhelmed with emotion was when she noticed that the food delivery woman was carrying an infant child strapped to her chest while filling up her motorbike with petrol. The scene, which left her moved to the point of tears, prompted her to immediately instruct her husband to offer her some money in hopes of being able to help out the woman’s circumstances.

The woman working as a food delivery rider can be seen carrying her own baby at a petrol station.
Source: @zanethnasha via TikTok

In the video, the woman appeared to initially decline the money before accepting it later on.

“I feel absolutely choked with tears. Despite the difficulties we may face, there are still others who may need help even more,”

“If I’m not mistaken, her child has some problems with his sight. Despite that, this incredible mother had not given up on working hard to earn a living for her child, without asking for anything.” she captioned in her video.

@zanethnasha adds that she hopes her video may help raise awareness concerning the challenges that the woman had faced, and urges netizens to keep an eye out for her and offer help if they are in a position to do so.

Netizens claim the woman lives in the Abdullah Hukum area

According to a netizen who claims that her mother is a neighbour of the woman in the video, she currently resides in a flat in the Abdullah Hukum area.

“This woman lives in Block 88, an apartment in Abdullah Hukum. I know this because she’s my mum’s neighbour. She always around the Pantai Dalam and Bangsar area.”

Netizens explain that the food delivery woman seen carrying her own baby lives around Abdullah Hukum.
Source: TikTok

“Sorry to say, her child is blind in both eyes. I do FoodPanda deliveries around the area. The Bangsar area. I really feel for her. She has a lot of strength.” 

Netizens explain that the food delivery woman seen carrying her own baby lives around Abdullah Hukum.
Source: TikTok

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