M’sia places No.1 on medal table with 3 golds at first ever Commonwealth eSports Championships in history!

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Despite being a relatively nascent addition to the professional sports scene, eSports, otherwise known as electronic sports that see players square off on video games, has been steadily gaining steam over the past number of years. And that comes as no surprise, given the leaps and bounds seen in gaming technology, which has turned a pastime for many while growing up into a legitimately competitive medium with dedicated teams and reverent fans.

Malaysia joins the first ever Commonwealth eSports Championships in history 

In fact, the eSports space has grown to such an extent that it has now been supported by the Commonwealth Games by means of the first-ever Commonwealth eSports Championships in history, which was held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in the city of Birmingham, England. Occupying two days from the itinerary, namely 6th and 7th August 2022, the inaugural Commonwealth eSports Championships ran concurrently but separately from the XXII Commonwealth Games proper.

Despite that, the championship saw teams from all number of former and current Commonwealth member nations duking it out on a truly global arena in true Commonwealth fashion all the same, including Malaysia.

And we have plenty to be proud of where our national team is concerned, as not only did they manage to compete at the first ever Commonwealth eSports Championships, they even bagged three gold medals in the process of doing so!

Local players topped the medal charts with 3 golds

According to the Global Esports Federation, our local players managed to bring home the top prize at the DOTA 2 (Women) Grand Finals event, the eFootball open event, as well as the DOTA 2 (Open) Grand Final event.

The eFootball open event was won by Nor Haikal Noh while representing the Malaysian Super League champions Johor Darul Ta’zim.

On the other hand, the DOTA 2 (Women) Grand Finals gold was won by our homegrown, all-female DOTA 2 team, Grills Gaming. The competing line-up consisted of Nadrah “Nada” Saufi, Bette “iStarx” Chia, Stephanie “Auroraa” Lim, Tan “Shizuma” Lyn Xhin, and Wong “HG” Wei Sian.

Finally, the last gold medal brought in from the DOTA 2 (Open) Grand Final was cinched by the Malaysian team comprising of team captain William “MangO” Yeoh, Ahmad “Ahyad” Ayhad Husam, Pang “ponyo” Sze Xuan, Denise “Wonder’boy” DanialAbdullah, Chung “Ws`” Wei Shen, and Yong “LOyd” Bing Jie.

This would mean that Malaysia managed to top the medal charts at this year’s inaugural Commonwealth eSports Championships, followed by England, who scored 1 Gold, 3 Silver, and 1 Bronze. The third place occupied by Wales, who scored a single medal for Gold, Silver, and Bronze respectively.

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