Man with crutches had to use stairs at Ampang Park LRT station as lift remains broken since 2021

Image credit: xXpearlyXx, Wikimedia Commons

For many Malaysians, the use of public transport can prove to be both a boon and a hindrance. While many no doubt enjoy the convenience that it offers, what with being able to skip the notoriously gnarly gridlock congestions that plague much of the Klang Valley on a daily basis, some would argue that public transport infrastructure still has much left to be desired for.

This is especially true with regards to a recent disruption of LRT rail services along the Kelana Jaya line, which saw many commuters stranded and late for work as a consequence.

Man using crutches seen hobbling up a flight of stairs at Ampang Park LRT station

However, the gripes don’t merely stop at the rail services either, as other Malaysians have pointed out the fact that the amenities found at some local LRT train stations have been left to the wayside, inevitably posing potential hindrances or hazards to those using it. This was recently highlighted by Malaysian netizen @xXpearlyXx, who had taken to her Twitter account to share her encounter with a man using crutches who was seen hobbling up a flight of stairs at the Ampang Park LRT Station.

According to her, the man was left with no choice but to do so as both the escalators and the elevator meant for the convenience of those facing challenges with mobility have been rendered out of service.

Not the first time it has happened

She adds that this isn’t the first time that such incidents have happened either, as she has witnessed elderly senior citizens, pregnant women, and parents with baby strollers struggling to make it up the same flight of stairs due to both the escalators and elevators being out of order at the station.

In response to the Tweet, a representative of RapidKL has informed the netizen that repair works for the elevators at the Ampang Point LRT station are still ongoing, and that those facing difficulties with the stairs may reach out to their staff for assistance.

Her observations were shared by other netizens who have also noticed that the elevators and escalators in the Ampang Park LRT station have been left in a state of disrepair for some time.

Senator Ras Adiba Radzi, who is also one of the country’s most vocal proponents for persons with disabilities, has been made aware of the situation and says that she will be looking into the matter.

Such instances are not uncommon, with another notable example being an escalator located at a pedestrian bridge leading towards the Sri Rampai LRT station remaining out of order for over 5 years.

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