“A loyal friendship” M’sian man shows support for friends getting into the police exams by shaving his head

Having friends to accompany us through thick and thin is truly something to be thankful for. Knowing that you can count on someone every step of the way, is the true definition of a loyal friendship.

“A loyal friendship” M’sian man shows support for friends getting into the police exams

Zahrin and his friend were recently accepted into the police inspector force exams. Source: Zahrin Yunus (TikTok)

When Zahrin Yunus was accepted into the police force, never did he expect the celebration in store. Speaking to Wau Post, Zahrin revealed that he and his friend had recently got accepted into the police inspector exams.

As part of the entry requirements, it was mandatory for recruits to shave their heads bald. “Naturally, we both were sad to let go of our hair, but we had to,” he said. At first, many misread the video and thought one of the friends had cancer, which Zahrin clarified was not the case.

Man shaves his head bald in support of his two friends

Another one of the friends shaves his head to support them despite not taking part in the exams. Source: Zahrin Yunus (TikTok)

The trio decided to film their head shaving process to commemorate the occasion. In the video, Zahrin and his fellow recruit are seen going bald accompanied by another friend.

But what surprised Zahrin was when their other companion took up the shaver himself! “What touched me was how the man in the purple shirt, shaved his head too. He had nothing to do with the exams, as he is a surgeon,” he told Wau Post.

Despite only knowing the doctor for less than a year, Zahrin claims that he has never met a truer friend. “He went bald to support me and give a boost of motivation in facing the challenges up ahead.” The video of the three best friends has since gotten the attention of netizens, who pointed out their admiration for the friendship they had.

“I was already crying! Then, I saw the comments, I thought it was cancer at first.” Some users mistook the video as one of the friends having cancer, which the user clarified and apologized for bringing the commenter to tears. Source: Zahrin Yunus (TikTok)
“Such good friends… I have never come across these kind of friendships in my whole life. Source: Zahrin Yunus (TikTok)
“The meaning of friendship can move anyone… because it is difficult to find friends willing to go through your ups and downs. Source: Zahrin Yunus (TikTok)

Safe to say, that Zahrin and his friends really make the best trio! May they continue to get through good times and bad together. 

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