Malay artistes usher in festivities with CNY-themed song ‘Dong Dong Qiang’, wins praise for showcasing M’sian unity

Source: MVM Music via YouTube

With Chinese New Year barely a month away, one can come to expect shopping malls and public spaces to already be in full-swing with the obligatory decorations and of course, our favourite CNY tunes on full-blast ahead of the festivities. But this time around, it looks like we can soon add another jingle to our celebratory playlist!

Malay artistes get together to perform their own rendition of ‘Dong Dong Qiang’

By taking the traditional Chinese New Year tune ‘Dong Dong Qiang’ and giving it a distinctively Malaysian twist, this brand-new rendition by a group of Malay artistes has since won over the hearts of netizens for truly embracing the meaning of multiracial unity in the country. Featuring a team of popular singers including Harry Khalifah, Sarah Suhairi, Beby Acha, Ayie Floor 88, Lia Aziz and Adilia Hilda, sections of Mandarin lyrics of the song have been replaced with ones written in Malay that sing of the spirit of Malaysian harmony, regardless of race, creed or faith. But of course, the immediately recognisable ‘dong dong qiang‘ and ”gong xi ni‘ Chinese lyrics were retained.

The accompanying music video is also suitably festive, with all of the artistes seen decked out in traditional qipaobaju Kebaya, baju kurung, as well as baju Melayu in resplendent hues of orange, yellow and red. All of which, as you already know, signify luck, wealth, and prosperity! This is in addition to the artistes seen exchanging lokam and ang pow packets, before performing in front of a lion dance troupe.

“Dong dong dong qiang, gong xi gong xi gong xi ni, 

Luar kita berbeza, Hati tetap kan sama! Kita bagaikan pokok, Kuat pada akarnya!”

Malaysian netizens applaud the song for promoting racial harmony in the country

Viewed over 310,291 times since premiering on 7th January 2022, the video was produced by MVM Music, with composition from Nevin Hiong and music arranged by Cheng Chong Lek. It is currently ranked #10 trending in YouTube Malaysia.

Malaysian netizens have since flocked to the video’s comments section, praising the song’s lyrical content for promoting racial harmony among Malaysians of all ethnicities while adding plenty of celebratory flair.

Source: YouTube

“Absolutely great! Let us celebrate Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali, Gawai, and other festivals together. We are all children of Malaysia, and I appreciate each and every one of you – full package! This is true goodwill!”

Source: YouTube

“I am truly moved seeing this performance. May all Malaysians from all cultures live in harmony and unity in a truly Malaysian family. Congratulations on a fantastic and meaningful performance.”

Source: YouTube

“I have been living in Malaysia for decades, and I think this is the first time I have heard our Malay friends create and sing a Chinese New Year song. I feel absolutely moved. Thank you.”

Source: YouTube

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