SG actor & social media star Wang Lei offers RM110k to anyone who knows whereabouts of missing Setapak girl

Source: Wang Lei Facebook, 雪州网 MySelangor

Just last week, it was reported that 22-year-old insurance broker Chia Min Yong had gone missing in the Setapak area after having met with a client. According to both her boyfriend and mum, she had allegedly sent them both a message explaining that she will be travelling to Johor Bahru for a lucrative new job. She had also explained how she had been facing financial difficulties from her job, and was forced to borrow money from others.

SG celebrity Wang Lei offers cash reward to those with information on missing Setapak girl

7 days later from her initial date of disappearance, Min Yong’s family still has no information on her whereabouts and have urged members of the public to help in the search for the missing woman. Her story, which has since gone viral across social media, has even caught the attention of Singaporean actor and social media personality, Wang Lei.

Taking to his official Facebook account recently, Wang has expressed his own heartache over the turmoil that Min Yong’s family have been experiencing as a result of their daughter’s abrupt disappearance.

“What parent on God’s green earth would ever want their own children to disappear without a trace?

Do you know her mother has not eaten in how many days? How many days she has spent crying?” he asked.

Wang adds that despite his generally rowdy and callous persona in the public eye, he can empathise with Min Yong’s mother as he has a daughter of his own. What’s more, he has also offered anybody with any information on Min Yong’s whereabouts a cash-reward of RM100,000, no questions asked.

“You just need to tell me where she is. The moment I see her, that money is yours.”

Offers Min Yong a job with his company

Wang has also taken to addressing Min Yong directly and told her that if it was a job that she was seeking for, he would be more than happy to offer her a position as his own personal assistant and take her with him on his work, including to France where he often visits to conduct shopping livestreams.

“If you find Singapore too far, then you can work for one of my companies in Penang instead. You can work as a tele-sales agent.”

Min Yong's whereabouts are still unknown. She was last seen at Jalan Usahawan in Setapak on 5th April 2022. Source: 雪州网 MySelangor
Min Yong’s whereabouts are still unknown. She was last seen at Jalan Usahawan in Setapak on 5th April 2022. Source: 雪州网 MySelangor

He further emphasises on the fact that he has never met Min Yong or her family, nor does he know them personally or is related to the family in any capacity. Before the video ended, Wang proceeds to raise the cash reward offer to RM110,000 for those who can provide any information on her whereabouts. And in the event that Min Yong’s disappearance had to do with a kidnapping. he is also willing to offer kidnappers RM150,000 in exchange for her safety.

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