“Real-life Harry Potter?” M’sian man zips down flying fox dressed up as Harry Potter in an impressive feat!

While Spook-to-ber month might be over, that doesn’t stop certain people from keeping the fun alive! Our very own Malaysian Harry Potter recently pulled off a hat trick that has cast an enchanting spell on everyone.

“Real-life Harry Potter?” M’sian man zips down flying fox dressed up as Harry Potter

Zulhilmi Weng recently captured hearts with his impressive wizard flying skills! Source: Zulhilmi Weng (TikTok)

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, this magical spectacle will definitely have you raving. An influencer named Zulhimi Weng uploaded a TikTok clip showing him on a flying fox ride.

However, there is something noticeably different in the video, as many viewers pointed out. Instead of a regular getup, he was clad in a Harry Potter outfit complete with a broomstick too!

A Potterhead at heart

Instead of just dressing up, the influencer took his childhood dream to newer heights. Source: Zulhilmi Weng (TikTok)

Speaking to Wau Post, Zulhilmi says that he as been a longtime Potterhead. “I’ve always imagined how it feels like to be Harry Potter flying on his Nimbus (broom). So, instead of just wearing the outfit, I decided to take it to the flying fox,” he explained.

Zulhilmi went on to arrange the setup with the flying fox organizer, and they carried out a test run before filming the actual attempt. Passersby who were on a bridge also caught the flying ‘wizard’ on camera, with many recognizing him right away. A separate video one of the spectators recorded was also uploaded on Zulhilmi’s page. “Woah, that’s Harry Potter!” they can be heard exclaiming as he zips past.

A screenshot grab from a spectator’s point of view. Source: Zulhilmi Weng (TikTok)

Prior to this, Zulhilmi had also demonstrated his love for the wizarding world during his convocation. “This was me during my convocation 8 years ago,” he shared, referring to a Harry Potter-themed graduation photoshoot he and his friends had.

Zulhilmi and his friends decked out in wizard costumes as part of their graduation photoshoot. Source: Zulhilmi Weng (TikTok)

Online users who stumbled upon Zulhilmi’s video were impressed by his stunt, and it inspired fellow Harry Potter fans. Many praised him for putting effort into showcasing his passion in a creative manner.


“Aww this makes me want to repeat the entire Harry Potter movie series even though I’ve rewatched it a million times.” Source: Zulhilmi Weng (TikTok)
“50 points to Gryffindor for creativity.” Source: Zulhilmi Weng (TikTok)
“Cedric Diggory, is that you?” Source: Zulhilmi Weng (TikTok)

Looks like we won’t be needing to travel to Hogwarts anytime soon, as we’ve got our very own wizard master!

Watch the video below:

@zulhilmiweng Spent the entire weekend bonding with my trusty Nimbus 3000 “Penyapu Makcik Senah 😜”, gearing up for the next Quidditch tournament! 🧹⚡️ 📍Rentas Adventure, Kuala Kubu Bharu @rentas_adventures #harrypotter #harrypottertiktok #zipline #harrypotterfan #flyingfox #halloween ♬ original sound – zulhilmi_weng

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