Bangsa Malaysia: M’sians of all races & religions unite to help clean Chinese & Indian temples as well as surau after floods

Source: @nallan.dh via TikTok

Throughout our storied history, we Malaysians have been fortunate enough to share a communal culture regardless of our cultural heritage, creed, or religious backgrounds. Despite hailing from different communities, many of us have been able to live in a sense of prevalent racial harmony and unity in our own local communities. And this has never been more evident in times of crisis such as the ones we live in over the past week, with the floods in West Malaysia.

Bangsa Malaysia come together to clean up houses of worship, regardless of race or religion 

From Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya’s massive flood drive aid that brought together Malaysians from all walks of life to help provide warm meals and basic essentials to flood victims, to Cuci Malaysia‘s clean-up initiative that saw over 375 volunteers walking 1.5km to assist flood victims in washing their homes from the muddy remnants of floodwaters, being inherently Malaysian simply transcends all barriers and differences.

And that has only proven to be true yet once more, after a group of youths had gone viral for assisting in the clean-up efforts for a local Chinese temple, an Indian temple, as well as a surau, after the recent floods. As shared over TikTok by user @nallan.dh, the group consisted of Malaysians from all walks of life hailing from many different racial backgrounds, partaking in the effort as Bangsa Malaysia.

Volunteers worked hard with one another to clean away debris from floodwaters

Armed with brooms, shovels, and a lot of kindness, the group set out to go the extra mile when cleaning each religious house of worship, taking great care to ensure that the interiors were hosed down and washed clean of debris. Over the span of hours, the group toiled without complaint, working hand-in-hand to complete tasks such as removing the waterlogged praying mats in the surau’s prayer hall, or scrubbing the tiled floors of the Indian temple sparkling clean.

The series of videos, which has since gone viral across social media, have garnered plenty of praise for the group’s display of Malaysian unity.

Netizens rally behind the group for showing what it means to be truly Malaysian.
Source: TikTok
Netizens rally behind the group for showing what it means to be truly Malaysian.
Source: TikTok

“I weep with pride at the fact that I am born in Malaysia. Here is to hoping that we may all continue to do kind deeds that transcend racial and cultural borders. Love you Malaysia.” 

Netizens rally behind the group for showing what it means to be truly Malaysian.
Source: TikTok

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