Guess who’s back? KLCC Karen is allegedly back, no mask again in outing with friends

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At this point, we don’t think she needs any introduction at all. Most Malaysians living around the Klang Valley with access to social media will no doubt have heard of her, and we believe that her infamy has spread across the country at this point. We are of course referring to KLCC Karen, aka Kerry from Manchester, UK.

KLCC Karen is back yet again

Rising into the limelight during her highly publicised altercation in KLCC, where she was seen arguing with staff members of a luxury womenswear boutique over her refusal to wear a mask, Kerry has since garnered nationwide attention after making yet another alleged appearance in BSC and causing a stir there, too.

Well this time around, eagle-eyed netizens have reported that Kerry’s stance with mask-wearing, or in this case, not wearing a mask, continues to stand strong. A short clip was recently uploaded to Twitter, where she was allegedly spotted strolling about with friends in an unspecified location.

While it is unclear from the angle that the video was shot as to whether her friends were masked-up, you can make out the fact that the alleged Kerry was seen without a mask on.

The original Tweet where the video appeared in was deleted, but the video clip itself has since been shared across social media.

Says she believes in ‘freedom’

Prior to this, she had released a video statement regarding her involvement in these various anti-mask altercations, explaining that she was an expat from the UK and has been living in Malaysia for over 20 years.

Kerry then goes on to state that she and her family believe in ‘freedom’, and asks that Malaysians open their eyes and their hearts, before closing the video off by reminding that ‘a man who doesn’t know his rights, has no rights’.

For her run-in with staff at the KLCC boutique, she was fined RM3,000. The fine is split into two compounds for two separate offenses: RM1,500 for failing to scan MySejahtera, and RM1,500 for refusing to wear a face mask. The incident in BSC is said to be still under investigation.

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