Disabled M’sian who lost both hands continues to earn an honest living as delivery rider to support himself

Source: @bulat_legends via TT

Despite the stigmas that they often face on a day to day basis, many of those who suffer from bodily impairments and are handicapped often want nothing more than to be able to lead normal lives and earn an honest living for themselves and their families. Whether if they are born with their disabilities or have become disabled over the course of their lives, they are just as deserving of respect and dignity as anybody else.

Man who lost both hands as a child continues to earn an honest living as a food delivery rider

And among them include TikTok user @bulat_legends, who took to the video streaming platform to share how he leads a relatively normal life despite his physical disability. While he may have lost the use of both his hands and and now relies on the stumps of his wrists to go about his daily routine, it does not appear to have hampered him much, if at all.

Insisting on being able to provide for himself, @bulat_legends even shares how he works as a Grab food delivery rider to earn an honest living for himself. With a deftness acquired by practice, he is able to ride a motorcycle with relatively little issues at all by steering with his forearms, and goes about his job with gusto, even if the work could prove to become physically challenging and demanding.

Shares how he copes with daily activities with his audience over TikTok

In his time off, he even enjoys fishing and happens to be an exceedingly skilled angler, being able to work a fishing rod even without the use of his fingers. Having attracted a substantial audience who are curious to know how he goes about his everyday life, he often films small segments of videos in response to questions such as how he washes dishes, how he eats, or even puts on his socks and shoes, without any hands.

What’s more, @bulat_legends even revealed that he has recently met the love of his life, and had gotten married!

Netizens have commended him for his insistence to lead a normal life even with the difficulties posed by his disability.

“Masya’Allah, congratulations brother, you have proven that where there is a will, there will be a way. Keep on going, without expecting sympathy or help.”

Source: TikTok

“What we can do, he can do all the same. Alhamdulillah. May you always be protected by Allah. Amin.”

Source: TikTok

“Really incredible. May you lead a long life, be blessed, and always stay healthy brother.”

Source: TikTok

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