Aircond on MAS flight fails to turn on during departure, causing passengers to sweat & fan themselves on-board

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If you’re preparing to enjoy a trip abroad with your family, chances are you’re intending to do so in comfort. After all, vacation-time is when you finally get to unwind, de-stress, and look forward to a good time spent making meaningful memories. However, that didn’t seem to be quite the case for a group of passengers on-board a recent MAS flight.

MAS flight experiences technical difficulties 

According to Malay-daily Berita Harian, flight MH2710 departing from Kuala Lumpur towards Sandakan had experienced technical difficulties just as the crew were attempting to bring the engines to life. In a statement that was released by the company, the affected aircraft was left with no choice but to return to bay after a ‘pushback’ procedure failed to kick-start the engine a second-time.

As a consequence, passengers were left sweating profusely on-board, with the aircraft’s air-conditioning system failing to turn on due to problems experienced by the engine. In a number of videos that were shared across social media, those on the flight resorted to fanning themselves with in-flight magazines, with the parents of young children left concerned over the rising temperatures inside.

Air-cond failed to turn on, leaving passengers sweating

A TikTok video shared by user @babahnadeen from the flight shows how passengers were left frustrated over the malfunction and heat, with the cries of infant children punctuating the space within the cabin.

Another video by TikTok user @nash_ruto from the flight showed similar scenes, while also claiming that passengers were left waiting in the sweltering aircraft for upwards of an entire hour before they were told to disembark.

The incident was said to have taken place on Sunday (8th April 2022) at around 10.35am in the morning.

“Malaysia Airlines apologizes for how the air conditioner failed to turn on during the repair process, which had caused the cabin environment to grow warmer.” the company said.

They added that one passenger required emergency medical attention while on-board. Passengers from the affected flight were moved to another flight and departed from Kuala Lumpur at 1.37pm, before landing safely in Sandakan at 4.30pm.

The airlines has also issued an unreserved apology for all passengers involved.

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