After being investigated over flood ritual, ‘Raja Bomoh’ plans to sue govt agencies for RM300 million for shaming him

Source: Datok Ibrahim Md Zin

It would seem that amidst all the media furor surrounding his unorthodox rituals, the now infamous Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP, otherwise known as Mr Ibrahim Mat Zin, may have to face legal consequences for his actions. This comes after Perak religious authorities have confirmed that they have opened investigation papers over his recent flood-warding prayers that were conducted at Dataran Pengairan and Saliran Teluk Intan, according to Malay Mail.

Religious authorities looking into investigating Raja Bomoh

Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPk) director, Datuk Mohd Yusop Husin, said both Mr Ibrahim and his team will be summoned to assist in investigations under Section 14 of the Perak Syariah Criminal Enactment 1992 for the defamation and insult of Islam. He has further gone on to add that the public should steer clear of such superstition.

Raja Bomoh, Mr Ibrahim Md Zin, explaining that he will sue government authorities for RM300 million.
Source: Datok Ibrahim Md Zin

However, it would appear that Mr Ibrahim isn’t prepared to accept those allegations readily, as he himself has mounted a press conference to refute the claims. In fact, he is willing to even go so far as to sue the government agencies involved in the investigation levelled against him for the whopping sum of RM300 million over the embarrassment that they have caused him.

Raja Bomoh, Mr Ibrahim Md Zin, explaining that he will sue government authorities for RM300 million.
Source: Datok Ibrahim Md Zin

Confirming to the public that he had indeed lodged a police report over the matter, he expressed his disappointment over JAIPk’s handling of the matter at hand.

“I am disappointed that JAIPk had passed their verdict declaring that the ritual goes against Islamic teachings.

I had actually been expecting JAIPk to contact me. But why did JAIPk pass a verdict so early on, claiming that this ritual is syirik and superstitious? Can they do that?” he said.

Syirik is explained as the sin of practicing idolatry or polytheism in the Islamic faith.

Matter should have been discussed beforehand 

Mr Ibrahim further goes on to say that JAIPk authorities should have contacted him and explained that his ritual had gone against Islamic teachings, and he would have readily apologised for conducting it. But given the circumstances now, he is looking to bring the matter to court and sue the government authorities over the shame that they have brought him.

“When I am accused of practicing syirik, I have been shamed. When I have been shamed, I will sue. I am not some shaman off the streets or a witch-doctor living in the village. This matter should have been discussed beforehand.” he adds.

The ritual, which involved Raja Bomoh conducting prayers with a woman known as Puteri Zaleha, saw both shamans performing prayers as well as breaking into song, before dispersing prayer offerings into a river. According to them, this was done in order to help protect both the surrounding region and the Malaysian Peninsula from the onset of more flooding. They even claimed that the water levels had receded along the river after their ritual had concluded.

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