23yo motorcyclist assaults 61yo senior citizen in Shah Alam by punching him repeatedly, gets detained by police

Image credit: Mohd Faizal Wahid

A 23-year-old motorcyclist had been filmed on camera physically assaulting a 61-year-old senior citizen in broad daylight yesterday (22nd May 2022). The incident was said to have taken place sometime around noon at Padang Jawa in Shah Alam, and had involved a motorcycle as well as a black Honda City sedan.

Motorcyclist punches 61-year-old senior citizen in fit of rage

According to a video uploaded by netizen Mohd Faizal Wahid and shared across a number of different social media pages, the elderly driver of the car could be seen cornered against his own vehicle as the motorcyclist pins him down over his chest. In a violent outburst, the younger man proceeds to rain down punches repeatedly on the senior citizen’s face.

Some other motorists who witnessed the ruckus stopped with hopes to intervene the fight, and appear to be attempting to diffuse the situation between both parties. Despite that fact, the motorcyclist appears to gesture aggressively at them before making another swipe at the elderly man, causing him to topple over backwards.

A subsequent video shared to the INFO BERITA SEMASA Facebook group then allegedly shows the same motorcyclist being cornered and beaten up by a group of men.

Police are now investigating the case

The clips has since prompted local authorities to open an investigation into the altercation, with a statement by Shah Alam district police chief Mohd Iqbal Bin Ibrahim having been released late yesterday evening. According to him, the 61-year-old victim was driving towards Putrajaya with his wife and grandchild at the time of the incident, and was making a right turn into Alam Avenue.

The suspect has since been held on remand by the police. Image credit: redzuanNewsMPB
The suspect has since been held on remand by the police. Image credit: redzuanNewsMPB

As he was doing so, a motorcyclist then started yelling and scolding the victim. This prompted him to stop by the roadside and get down from his car to inspect for any signs of a collision. However, this was the exact moment when the motorcyclist kicked him in the left chest, before sitting on his chest and punching the senior citizen’s face and head repeatedly.

“This had caused the victim to suffer from swelling underneath his eyes and to his head, as well as pain in his ribs.” Iqbal said.

The victim proceeded to lodge a police report at 2.00pm the same day, leading to the suspect’s arrest. As of right now, the suspect will be remanded today (23rd May 2022), and the case will be investigated under Section 323/506 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

Local paper Kosmo! has reported that initial investigations show that the altercation had occurred after the senior citizen had made a sudden turn without warning, which led to the assailant yelling at him in anger. Drug tests carried out on the 23-year-old have come back negative.

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