104yo woman in China excitedly reunites with her 77yo daughter at train station, tugs at netizen’s heartstrings

It is a fact of life that no matter how old a child may become, they will always be deemed precious in the eyes of their mother. This is verified by a heartwarming interaction between a centenarian from China and her elderly daughter.

104-year-old mother welcomes her elderly child at the train station

Footage featuring a 104-year-old mother welcoming her daughter at a train station has been circulating the Internet and tugging at netizens’ heartstrings. The centenarian who resides in Fuyang, China was so excited to hear that her daughter was coming back to her hometown that she personally went over to the station to pick her up despite her old age.

In the video, the two had a happy reunion when the daughter set her eyes upon her aged yet energetic mother. She was seen running happily toward her like a toddler sprinting toward their mommy after school, despite the fact that the daughter herself is also a 77-year-old elderly woman.

The mother (right) and her daughter (left) happily reunited at the train station. Image credits: China Press

According to China Press, the 104-year-old mother did not have an easy life growing up but she always kept a positive attitude and focused on raising her child. Although she is well into her golden years, she remains active and can still walk around without any assistance.

Netizens express admiration at the mother-daughter duo

After the video went viral online, netizens could not help but envy the daughter for still having a mother even at an old age. While many express their admiration for the family, some felt melancholic at the fact that their mothers were not around anymore. They took to the comment section of the article uploaded by China Press on Facebook to express their wistfulness.

“It is a God’s gift for these mother and daughter to be able to meet and hug even at this age.”


Source: China Press

“I am so envious of the fact that she still has a mother to call upon in her 70s. I lost my mother when I was only in my 30s.”

“One of the happiness in life is going home to see your Mom.”

Some also complimented the mother-daughter duo for looking so healthy and wanted to know their secrets on taking care of themselves.

“Both of them look so strong. It’s amazing how the mother can still walk so well.”

Source: China Press

Having a mother by your side proves to be precious, so do remember to cherish her while you still can.

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