Woman refuses to divorce husband despite three years of abuse as he is simply ‘too handsome’

Source: 寻情记 2021 Offical

Victims of abusive relationships or even marriages may not necessarily be able to leave their circumstances, despite all that they have to endure. Many come to suffer from a psychological condition known as Stockholm’s Syndrome, which is explained as an emotional response where victims of abuse may come to have positive feelings or sentiments towards their abusers, and even empathise with their abusers.

Woman refuses to leave abusive husband as he is ‘too handsome’

But Stockholm Syndrome asides, a woman recently raised many eyebrows after she refused to leave her abusive marriage as her husband was simply ‘too handsome’, and that she wouldn’t be able to bear living without him should they ever separate. And this is in light of over three years of abuse, both verbal and physical, according to China Press.

The woman and her 'too handsome' husband at a marriage counselling session.
Source: 寻情记 2021 Offical

Having met her now-husband three years ago, the woman, who was only 20-years-old at the time, dated him for a meager two months before they decided to wed. Likely due to their brief moment of having known each other, the marriage between both man and wife quickly disintegrated as they began to argue over small misunderstandings.

These would then gradually escalate to the point of physical abuse, where her husband would violently beat, punch and kick her, leaving visible bruises all over her battered body. And despite the violence, she continued to remain faithful to her husband, refusing to entertain any possible notion of separating from him as he found him to be simply too handsome.

In fact, she claims that her husband was even more attractive than Chinese-Canadian celebrity Kris Wu, and that if they were to separate, she wouldn’t be able to find another man as attractive as him.

A photo of Chinese-Canadian celebrity Kris Wu.
Source: Zoom TV

She exhibited possessive behaviour as a result of personal insecurities

In a Chinese television show that chronicled the couple’s attempt to repair their marriage through counselling, the husband justifies his aggression by saying that his wife grew to become too suspicious and overbearing. She would often check-in on him periodically throughout the day, and exhibits signs of possessive behaviour. In fact, the woman would even go to the extent of inspecting her husband’s phone to determine if he had been in contact with any other women, and if they would present a threat to her marriage.

Counsellors on the program notes that the woman lacked self-confidence and harboured many personal insecurities, which could have contributed to her need for reassurance in her marriage.

The woman looks distraught after they suggested divorce.
Source: 寻情记 2021 Offical

Throughout the program, the couple attempted to reconcile their shortcomings, with the woman adamantly hoping to repair their marriage as she believed that a woman was duty-bound to remain faithful in a marital union, through both good and bad times.

In the end, she reveals that she is pregnant with her husband’s child, and hopes that they will be able to work through their challenges and raise a family together.

The woman's 'too handsome' husband.
Source: 寻情记 2021 Offical

The entire affair has left netizens incredibly divided, with many suggesting that if her husband could be driven to a point of committing physical abuse, there was simply no reason for her to continue remaining in her marriage, regardless of how handsome he may be. Others have pointed out that the woman herself may also be emotionally manipulative due to her own possessive behaviour.

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