WATCH: M’sian drivers escape with their lives after massive tree topples & lands on two cars at Wangsa Maju junction

Source: Dashcam Owners Malaysia via FB

Given the current inclement weather, many drivers have been advised to keep alert and take extra precautions when behind the wheel. And in the wake of numerous landslides and flash floods within urban epicenters in the past number of weeks, that advice has never come at a more imperative time. But sometimes, accidents do happen when nature takes its course, even if you try your hardest to steer clear of them.

Massive tree lands on two vehicles at a traffic junction in Wangsa Maju

Just recently, a video that was widely circulated across social media showed how a man witnessed a massive tree toppling over two cars that had stopped right before his own at a traffic junction in Wangsa Maju. The clip which was uploaded on community Facebook page DashCam Owners Malaysia, had been taken from Jalann 4/27a leading towards Jalan 2/27a outside Wangsa Metroview condominium. 

According to the caption, it was claimed that the video was taken on New Year’s Eve as the driver was about to head towards Masjid Usamah Bin Zaid for prayers at the time of the incident, which is located a little further down along Jalan 2/27a. With the lights turning red, the dashcam owner waited in line behind two other cars that were the first to lead along the traffic junction.

However, what none of them had anticipated was for a massive tree that had been growing from a road divider on the left to suddenly topple over, before falling to land on the two cars that were stopped right in-front of the dashcam owner’s!

Passengers appeared unhurt after they scrambled from under their cars

While the impact had left both cars pinned under the tree’s weight, what was truly miraculous was how none of the passengers appeared to have been hurt, after they clambered out of their vehicles to assess the damage. And despite the weight of the tree, the structure of both cars still managed to hold upright and did not cave in.

Netizens who chimed in have applauded the surprisingly sturdy build quality of the Perodua MyVi, which was among one of the two cars that were pinned down by the tree.

“Fuh, the MyVi’s body is pretty strong. Or maybe it’s all thanks to the Honda?” 

Source: Facebook

“Alhamdulillah everyone is safe. The roof of the MyVi appears pretty strong.”

Source: Facebook

However, others raised concerns over aging trees that may potentially create similar circumstances in the future.

“Thank goodness that it wasn’t a motorcyclist who was parked there. Huge and tall trees like this pose an obvious danger towards the public. I hope all are safe.”

Source: Facebook

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