M’sian netizens angered after another VIP convoy was allegedly seen blocking an ambulance with emergency sirens on

Source: @5zonesmy via TikTok

We probably don’t have to tell you by now, but if you’ve been driving in Malaysia for long enough, you’ll know what to expect when it comes down to traffic idiosyncrasies. From people who are somehow adverse to using their turn-signals when switching between lanes, to giant luxury MPVs tailgating you on the fast lane, being behind the wheel in this country can be a truly distinctive experience. But arguably the one most distinctive feature of Malaysian roadways is the VIP convoy.

Ambulance with emergency sirens on gave way to yet another VIP convoy

You’ll hear them before you even see them, and when you do, you’ll be expected to move your car aside and give way as police escorts with flashing lights direct the flow of traffic to allow a fleet of luxury cars to move through. And while many have come to expect these encounters with VIP convoys, their use has recently come under intense scrutiny after the Prime Minister’s convoy was found to have been blocking the path of an ambulance last month.

Now, a similar incident was found to have taken place after TikTok user @5zonesmy shared how yet another VIP convoy had blocked off a section of highway while traveling. And just like from before, an ambulance with emergency sirens on was left with no choice but to wait as the fleet of luxury cars zipped past from behind the police blockade.

“Even an ambulance has to give way for VIPs to drive across,” the video caption reads in Mandarin.

The short video clip, which has since made its rounds across social media, was said to have been filmed along the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Express Highway. But it is unclear as to when the video was recorded as no timestamps were found.

Netizens voice their anger

Regardless of which, netizens have voiced their disapproval over the scene and criticised the decision to block the path of an oncoming ambulance with its emergency sirens on to give way for the VIP convoy to pass.

“PDRM, can you explain this? Why? There is someone in the ambulance who needs to receive medical attention quickly!”

Source: TikTok

“OMG!!!! Again like this… This is the second time.”

Source: TikTok

“VVIPs are more important than the public. Malaysia 2022.”

Source: TikTok

In the previous incident involving the Prime Minister’s convoy in Hulu Langat, the Royal Malaysian Police explained that the ambulance had been stopped at the junction for safety reasons.

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