Uni student ashamed of mum driving him to campus lies to friends, tells them she’s just a Grab driver

There’s a saying that goes “You don’t know what you have until you lose it”. From our kindergarten days, some of us have probably been spoilt with the luxury of having our parents fetch us to school, while others wait for their school bus under the scorching heat. The comfort that is presented to us on a plate can sometimes be taken for granted. Such was the case with this university student who was embarrassed of being dropped off by their mother.

Embarrassed student confesses to sticking Grab sticker on mum’s car

Dear readers, introducing you to the world of UTAR Confessions; a page where (primarily) university students leave anonymous postings of their experiences throughout their time in university. The topics discussed can range from homework and assignments to things like romance, and now complaining about one’s parent.

“When I started university, my mother would still insist on driving me to campus. But because I didn’t want to be teased by my friends for having my mum drop me off at campus, I secretly placed a ‘Grab’ sticker on her car and would only sit in the backseat. 

When we arrived on campus and I got out of the car, I would pretend to lean into the car and say “The service of this ‘Grab’ really isn’t bad! I’ll leave a five-star rating.”, in order to let my friends think that I was taking a ‘Grab’ car to campus instead of my own mother’s.”

In a recent post on the UTAR Confession 2022/2023 Facebook page, a university student expressed their uneasiness with the fact that hie or she is still being fetched and dropped off by his or her mother. To save them-self from the perceived awkwardness, the student admitted to secretly placing a Grab sticker to indicate that they indeed are riding a car from the e-hailing app.

Source: PAULTAN.ORG (Website) 

Aside from that, the student makes sure to intentionally sit at the back seat of their mum’s car, making the poor unsuspecting mum seem more like a Grab driver. To make matters worse, when his or her friends are present at the drop-off point, the student would say “Wah, this Grab (driver) service not bad, can give 5 stars’.

Netizens express ire at the student’s ungracious behaviour

Understandably, netizens were not pleased with the anonymous confession and proceeded to give their two cents to the writer. Commenters were mostly appalled at the student whose actions were obviously taking his or her mum’s kindness for granted. Others said that they wish that they had someone to fetch them to school on a daily.

“I envy you. I don’t like driving.”

Embarrassed student Grab mum

Source: UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 (Facebook) 

“Be grateful that you have a car to ride, I don’t have one.” 

Source: UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 (Facebook) 

A few comments pointed out that the real embarrassment lies with the fact that this student is the child of his or her mother.

“Your mother gave birth to a child like you, what a shame.”

Embarrassed student Grab mum

Source: UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 (Facebook) 

“Your mother should be the one feeling humiliated because you came out of her stomach.”

Source: UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 (Facebook) 

“I will tell everyone that she’s my mother. My mum is my pride. When the day comes where you can no longer hear your mum’s voice, then you will know what a mother is. If you’re other people’s child, they won’t even bother sending you to school.

If you can’t see a blessing that’s before you, please reflect.

What’s ridiculous is that your mother didn’t put the label of “other people’s child, not mine” on you, but you are anxious to get rid of the relationship.”

Amongst the Chinese, there’s a saying that goes “Giving birth to a char siew is better than giving birth to a child like you”. Let’s not take for granted the blessings that have been bestowed upon us in the form of our parents, so as to prove ourselves more worthy of our parents’ time and effort than a piece of roasted pork.

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