Truck driver blocks woman’s car & confronts her near Kinrara, later gets stopped by police & tests positive for drugs

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Many of us have often been advised to keep our composure when dealing with instances of untoward incidents while driving along the road, such as being confronted by road bullies. In fact, resorting to impulse and anger may even worsen a situation and potentially put us into the line of danger, which is why it is almost always better off to let the authorities sort things out.

Truck driver blocks woman’s car & confronts her near Kinrara

In a video that was recently shared to social media platform TikTok, a woman in her car could be seen becoming the victim of a road-rage incident after a truck had attempted to block her way by stopping right ahead of her vehicle. The truck driver, who could been seen completely irate in a fit of rage, slapped on the woman’s bonnet and could be seen yelling at her. However, the woman calmly moved her car aside and drove off.

Instead of leaving things at that, the truck driver could then be seen boarding his own vehicle before trying to tail after the woman’s car! The incident was believed to have occurred along Kinrara towards Bukit Jalil.

Thankfully for the woman, she eventually came up to a roadblock manned by local police, which granted her the opportunity to inform authorities about the truck driver’s behaviour. This led to the truck driver being flagged down and instructed to pull aside. At that very instance, the truck driver had attempted to lurch his vehicle forwards, but was stopped by a police officer who bravely stood in the way.

Left with no choice, he eventually wound up steering his vehicle aside off the main road, doing so with some difficulty while other police officers looked on.

The person filming the incident believes that the truck driver had been drunk at the time, which could explain his disorderly driving.

He wasn’t drunk, but high on drugs at the time

Alas, as it turns out according to Sinar Harian, the truck driver in question was not in fact drunk, but had been on drugs. Quoting Serdang police chief Assistant Commissioner A.A Anbalagan, the man was found to have tested positive for methampetamine, ketamin dan amphetamine at the time. However, his alcohol tests showed that he was not drunk at the time.

The case will now be investigated under Section 186 of the Penal Code, Section 78(2) of the Road Transportation Act 1987, and Section 15(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952. The owner of the dash cam who had filmed the incident has also been urged to come forward to assist in investigations.

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