“This is Malaysia” Kindhearted M’sian man gives away the rest of his petrol to car next to him

Among the rising living costs, petrol prices are constantly on the move as well. And given how frequent Malaysians drive, paying for petrol can be considered one of the top expenses.

“This is Malaysia” Kindhearted M’sian man gives away the rest of his petrol

“This is Malaysia.” A kind man gives away the remainder of his petrol. Source: SI KICAP MANIS (TikTok)

Have you ever purchased petrol at a station, only to find that you’ve more than enough? Chances are, most of us would have. So, what would you do with it?

While some would go for a refund, this was not the case for one man who was captured on camera. A TikTok user known as SI KICAP MANIS recently captured a brief scene he witnessed at a fuel station in Janda Baik, Pahang.

An unexpected act of generosity

The woman gratefully thanks the man for his generous act. Source: SI KICAP MANIS (TikTok)

In the video, a man can be seen pumping his petrol for the car next to him. Speaking to Wau Post, the user clarified that the man had freely given away the remaining of his petrol.

The owner of the adjacent car is all smiles as she gratefully receives the petrol. She apparently thanks the man, before pumping the rest of her fuel and the two go about their way.

As per the video’s caption, indeed this was Malaysia! On watching this clip, viewers had nothing but praise for the anonymous Good Samaritan.

“I also received this once… I wanted to pay the uncle back but he wouldn’t let me. Bless him always.” Source: SI KICAP MANIS (TikTok)
“Last time I pumped RM80 worth of petrol and there was RM74 left. So, I gave the rest to a motorcyclist, he was so thankful as he only had RM1 to pump.” Source: SI KICAP MANIS (TikTok)
“Someone once gave me a RM5 laundry coin as she said she didn’t know when she would come again. I was able to use that money for a dryer service. Hope she receives many in return.” Source: SI KICAP MANIS (TikTok)

What an inspiring random act of kindness. Instead of letting our petrol go to waste, let’s aim to follow this man’s example. After all, sharing is caring!

Watch the video below:

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