“Even dogs can drive now?” Two huskies spotted in a car at petrol station, captures hearts all over

After a long day on the job, going on a late night drive sounds like a therapeutic way to de-stress. While we might be used to seeing our fellow humans on the road, this chance encounter will set you in for a surprise.

Two huskies spotted out making a pitstop at petrol station

A pair of huskies were spotted in a car at a petrol station. Source: @amint__rs (TikTok)

In a video that was posted on TikTok, one man shared his latest experience while out and about. “I was pumping petrol at a gas station, when I noticed something peculiar,” user @amint__rs said, speaking to Wau Post.

At the time, Amint was at the petrol station to fuel up his car, when he saw a husky in the car parked next to him. Although it was apparent that it was waiting for their owner, the way the dog was seated was truly an amusing sight.

Calling out to them, it appeared that the furry ‘driver’ responded to his greeting, casually turning his head toward him before looking away. Humoured by the sight of the dogs, he then noticed that there was another dog next to it and expressed how adorable the furry pets were.

Many netizens were entertained by the dog’s reaction, as the user was heard saying the dog ignored him after. Several users jokingly commented that the dog was acting too cool to be bothered, whereas others suggested it was simply taught not to talk to strangers.


Several comments by netizens who were amused by the video. Source: @amint__rs (TikTok)

Whatever the reason is, we sure do hope those two managed to get to their destination safely!

Watch the video below:

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