These Muslim vets’ bond with their dogs will make you go “Aww”

As we all know, Muslims are not allowed to hold dogs let alone keep them as pets. But we are encouraged to be compassionate to all creatures. So when this Muslim vet shares her daily routine at work with her big lovable fluffball, we really want more!

Compassionate Muslim vet shares comical daily activities with their pet dogs

When browsing through @marliazulkapli’s TikTok page, you will definitely fall in love with the big-hearted vets. Not only will they feed stray animals, but they will even treat any injured ones that come across. But of course, the star of the show has to be their two most mischievous resident; Wukong and Mummy.


Aku tak tau la nak nasihat apa kat WUKONG ni.. 🤣##ilovepet ##doctorvet

♬ original sound – Marlia Zulkapli

Animal lovers are fond of this page. Especially when you can see the genuine bond that they have with the animals. Among the animals that they have in the clinic are cats, dogs, and even monkeys.


Apa jua bentuk binatang saya terima… Tapi kalau manusia berhati binatang je saya reject. Saya hantar pi sekolah balik🤣##doctorvet ##ilovepet

♬ original sound – Mohd Shafiq

Often critisized but is still determined to educate the public

Although the page gained a lot of fans, it also gained different-minded viewers as well. With some saying, “As Muslims you should get a different job. Rather than the one that needs to hold dogs” Thankfully @marliazulkapli can handle the situation professionally and always explained in great detail how they keep themselves clean.


It is actually dah jadi habit.. Stail saya basuh tgn sejak 8 thn lps.. Ikut kan sejak2 covid pun da kene basuh tgn lebih 20 saat. ##doctorvet ##ilovepet

♬ Beggin – yonnyboii

We are so proud of you!

Obviously, these vets are passionate about their job and have no qualms about helping animals in need. To know that there are people fighting for the rights of stray and wild animals in Malaysia is very reassuring. Please continue to do what you are doing now.

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