Thai man drops 10kg with diet & exercise after his wife offered to buy him a PS5 if he lost weight

Image credits: Prab Laoharojanaphan via Facebook

They say that you can do anything you put your mind to with the right motivation and attitude. Which is to say that as long as you set your eyes on a goal and keep an optimistic mindset while pursuing your objective, you are sure to turn it into a reality. And in the case for this Thai man, he managed to find just the right motivation to kickstart his weight-loss journey, which is a PlayStation 5 (PS5) promised by his wife.

Thai man drops 10kg when his wife promised him a PS5

A Thai man named Prab Laoharojanaphan recently took to Facebook to share his amazing weight-loss journey, and how it all started. Apparently, he had been planning to lose some weight for some time but it was always put on hold for some reason. However, he found his calling to start his diet plans when his wife promised to reward him with a valuable PS5 if he succeeds in slimming down.

The PS5 is hard to get in Thailand due to low production and logistic constraints. Image credits: Gamer Santai

Released in the midst of 2022, the Sony PlayStation 5 has been arguably the most sought-after console by many gaming enthusiasts who wished to be lavished with exclusive games. And in spite of continued strong demand for the console, Sony Group has faced logistic constraints in global distribution, causing a shortage of the product in many countries including regions of Southeast Asia such as Thailand.

Knowing the rarity of a PS5, Prab began planning a diet schedule and adhering strictly to it. His efforts were indeed proven to be fruitful as he ended up losing a whopping weight of 10kg in just 4 months!

Here are the before and after pictures.

Prab lost 10kg in 4 months because of his strict diet and exercise regime. image credits: Prab Laoharojanaphan via Facebook

So how did he do it?

Weight loss is already strenuous enough, therefore losing 10kg in the span of 4 months is really an impressive feat. For those who wish to know Prab’s secret to successful weight loss, here is his strategy.

He shared that he included intermittent fasting in his diet starting from 16-8, which means that he ate for 8 hours and then fasted for 16 hours. Following on, he proceeded to an 18-6 fasting interval and slowly widen the time gap for his body to adapt to the new eating habit.

“Currently I alternate between 20-4 on one day and one meal per day on the next day,” he wrote.

Ketogenic diet is proven to be efficient in weight loss and it is said to improve heart health.

As for his diet plan, Prab suggested going 80% on a ketogenic diet while the other 20% can be used to consume your favourite food. For Prab, he would save up the 20% on meals with his loved ones.

“Cherish the moments when dining out with friends or other special occasions,” he said.

Furthermore, he advised an exercise regime of alternating between cardiovascular exercises and strength training, based on his experience.

To understand more about how weight loss works, Parb also took it upon himself to read The Obesity Code – Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Dr Jason Fung, which he highly recommends everyone to read.

“We need certain knowledge to understand complex causes of obesity and use that knowledge to create a strategy that fits our own body and lifestyle,” he elaborated in his post.

Congratulations to Prab on his very successful weight loss journey! Hope his wife keeps her word and gets him the PS5 he deserves.

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